Frida Leakey

Born 7 March 1902

Dies 19 Aug 1993

Henrietta Wilfreda

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Guardian (UK)
Extract Author: Roger Waterfield
Extract Date: 1993 Sep

Out of Africa to a better sunset 'Oh dear, isn't . . .


'Oh dear, isn't it silly? I just wanted to get a better view of the sunset'. ...

on an impulse [she] took off to tour Africa with a friend. In Kenya she met the archaeologist Louis Leakey; he proposed and she went back to England to think things over. When he returned in 1928, they married and once again left for Africa ... .

Frida became an expert in the drawing of stone tools, but she also worked on Leakey's excavations. Amongst her important finds was a fossil site in Tanzania, a side gully in the Olduvai gorge, later named the FLK, the Frida Leakey Karongo (meaning gully). It was at the FLK that Leakey's second wife, Mary, found the skull of Nutcracker Man, nearly 30 years later.

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