Arusha: Metropole Cinema

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Arusha Times
Page Number: 4
Extract Date: 2000 April 29

Metropole Cinema.

Then on to Metropole Cinema. The style is expo, which refers to exposition buildings which exhibit a particular artistic style. Constructed in the late 1950s like most buildings in Arusha, it was built for entertainment purposes. With square blocks of different colours (a bit faded now) on upper walls facing the street, the structure attracts attention to itself, which was the Architect's intention, to attract the crowds to the entertainment.

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Arusha School Magazine
Page Number: 26-27
Extract Date: 1957

Films ~ When the World was Young ~ In Haveley Wood


This year the school have been very fortunate for they have seen many films in the town. They have seen quite a good selection of films in the School too.

We have seen three films in the town, their names are "The Robe", "Rob Roy", and the "Living Desert". My favourite film was the Living Desert. It was a true life adventure about animals and their struggle for survival. My favourite film that I have seen at the School is "Winchester 73". It was a Wild West film all about a Winchester 73 and how it was said to be the best rifle in the West.

Other films that we have seen at School are "Belles on their toes", "Smoky" and "Treasure of the Golden Condor".

Melville Ueckermann 12 years

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