Harry Fosbrooke

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Leakey, Mary Disclosing the Past
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Extract Date: 1935

Henry and the Lions

As a place for working and camping Engaruka was superb. .....

Yet even in this beautiful place we suffered one horrifying reminder of the continual clash of interests between man and nature which has destroyed so much of the Africa which once was. Henry Fosbrooke, a former student of Louis's was at that time the local District Officer, and some of the Masai who had their manyattas, or homesteads, near Engaruka had recently complained to him about lions which were attacking their cattle: the trouble must have been quite serious, for normally Masai warriors welcomed the chance to hunt lions themselves. While we were at Engaruka, Henry drove down in a lorry and shot the entire offending pride. He and his wife stayed with us at the camp and Henry proudly exhibited the dead lions, slung into the back of his truck. It was one of the most appalling sights I have ever seen. How many destroyed lions has it taken to bring about today's attitude to them, in which Henry would not have been allowed to do such a thing at all, let alone to do it like an extermination of vermin.

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University of Dar es Salaam Library
Extract Date: 1999 May 28

Fosbrooke Collection at the Library of the University of Dar es Salaam

Mr Harry Fosbrooke and the Library of the University of Dar es Salaam, main compus, (Hereinafter referred to as the University Library) agreed to the following clauses of agreement with regard to the deposit of the Henry Fosbrooke collection Maasai and other topics:

* Mr Henry Fosbrooke agreed to bequeth to the University Library, the original of all books, papers and photographs in his collection as represented by the catalogue cards prepared by the University Library. Such material were collected and deposited with the University Library when Mr. Henry Fosbrooke was deceased

* The University Library undertook to keep this material intact as the Henry Fosbrooke collection and to publicise it by publishing a catalogue of the collection.

* In addition Mr. Fosbrooke also agreed to send to the Library one photocopy of all materials that were photocopied for the Centre for African Studies, Cambridge University, the cost of which reproduction had already been funded by DANIDA

The University Library continued to provide expertise to catalogue and arrange the materials on the premises of Mr. Henry Fosbrooke where the originals remained until Mr. Henry Fosbrooke was deceased.

Mr Henry Fosbrooke had had a long career of public service in Tanzania and elsewhere in central and Southern Africa. Following a degree in Economics and Anthropology ( first class honours) and one year's colonial service course at the Cambridge, he started in Tanzania in 1931 as a District Officer (Cadet). He served in the Administration for 18 years , followed by 7 years as Government Sociologist.

Moving to Central Africa, he served as Director of the Institute of Social Research in Lusaka, as Rural Sociologist in the FAO development project in Botswana and as Co Manager of the UK sponsored Kafue Basin Survey in Zambia. Back in Tanzania he was Conservator of the Ngorongoro Conservation Unit for 3 years and a UNEP Consultant with the Tanzania Capital Authority in Dodoma. He has undertaken other consultancies and served for 8 years on the Board of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority and 3 years as a member of the National Land Use Planning commission. In the course of his career as Conservator, he has generated a lot of his research material and collected a number of environmental , conservation papers, books and other publications

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Mlimani News
Extract Date: 23 Jan 2000

The East Africana collection

The East Africana collection has also been involved in organising one of its special collections, the Henry Fosbrooke Collection. About 70% of the collection has been processed, thus ready for access by users. The Fosbrooke collection is a comprehensive and invaluable collection of academic materials and official documents prepared and assembled by Henry Albert Fosbrooke, the conservanist himself. The material in the collection covers a variety of subjects mainly on nature, ecology, wildlife, history, human communities, sociology, economics and politics. The collection also contains maps that are significant to research like the "Slug Map" and "Pictorial Guide to the Ngorongoro Conversation Area".

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