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Extract Date: 2000 January 14

Geologists from around the world will meet in Arusha

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Geologists from around the world will meet in Arusha Tanzania and the Tanzania Geological Society (TGS) has said preparations for the meeting have reached an advanced stage.

Called annual general conference, 'Geo Tech 2000', its scheduled on 20th to 24 June, this year.

Mr. Yete Mwalyego, the TGS President says over 13 countries at least from each continent would take part at the conference to take place at the East African Community Conference center, in Arusha Tanzania.

Given a theme, 'The development of Earth Resources in East Africa and the Challenges faced in the new millennium, have attracted regional states in eastern and southern Africa, which Mr. Mwalyego, says all have shown their interest to participate.

Other countries expected to take part, according to Mr. Mwalyego include Madagascar, Seychelles, Ghana, Ethiopia, Egypt, Egypt, USA, Canada, Canada, Australia, and Britain.

To be discussed include aspects like integrated and sustainable techniques for the development, management of earth resources, women's participation and opportunities in mineral industry in East Africa, sustainable development and management of ground water and fossil fuel.

It is during this conference, Mwalyego says, Tanzania will take an opportunity to promote her minerals sector and their familiarization with petroleum essentials found in many parts of the country.

The conference comes at the time when studies by Tanzania's Ministry of Minerals reveal that three third of Tanzania posses at least one type of mineral.

It is believed also that following on-going intensive investment in mining sector in the country, Tanzania will be a third top country in Africa in terms of minerals production after South Africa and Nigeria.

Meanwhile. The UN Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Annan, is among the distinguished people who will address a two week assemblage of 250 scholars from around the world scheduled in September in Dar Es Salaam.

Ms Agripina Gerald said in Dar Es Salaam that the participants of the meeting would dwell on finding solution to hurdles which endanger the world and its team members.

According to her, Mr. Annan would present a paper which expresses the steps taken by United Nations in making sure that peace tranquillity persists.

Also to take part, according to her, is the Secretary General of the Organization, Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim who would speak on the importance of wiping out debts owed by African countries, South Africa Bishop Desmond Tutu, on a needy of unity in building peace and tranquillity while President Mkapa will exemplify the Tanzania's efforts to bring peace in the Great Lakes Region.

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