Vogel River

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Cole, Sonia Leakey's Luck
Page Number: 112
Extract Date: 1935

First visit to Laetoli

The next adventure was an unpremeditated trip into completely trackless country, south of Olduvai and north-west of Lake Eyasi. It was prompted by a visitor, half Masai and half Kikuyu, who announced that he knew of stone-like bones similar to those they had been finding at Olduvai at a place called Laetolil, and he volunteered to guide them there. It proved to be beside a stream which the Germans had named the Vogel River, and the deposits, in heavily eroded 'bad lands', were different from those of Olduvai. In fact they were terrestrial rather than lacustrine, and contained many land tortoises and fossil rodents, but lacked aquatic animals such as hippos which were abundant at Olduvai. Eventually it was found that they were older than Bed I at Olduvai - a lava flow covering the deposits has now been dated to more than two million years.

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