Jonathan Leakey

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Dente, Jenny Mary Douglas Nicol Leakey 1913-1996
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Extract Date: 1940

Birth of Jonathan

In 1939, British Intelligence recruited Louis to work counteracting the spread of anti-British propaganda in Kenya. Mary continued her fieldwork, now working at the Naivasha Railway Rock Shelter near Nairobi. This was a job of "rescue archaeology" producing prolific, but not thrilling specimens; thousands of stone tools and millions of waste flakes were recovered but never properly sorted or recorded due to a termite invasion which destroyed the artifacts' cardboard storage boxes. Soon, Mary had to take a break from fieldwork to give birth to her and Louis's first son, Jonathan Harry Erskine Leakey, born November 4, 1940. As soon as Jonathan was a little older, Mary once again took up work excavating several sites.

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