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Sadleir, Randal Tanzania, Journey to Republic
Page Number: 204a
Extract Date: 1957

Arusha's two famous hotels

Also in the main street were Arusha's two famous hotels.

The New Arusha displayed a board announcing that it was exactly midway between Cape Town and Cairo, and the Safari Hotel boasted an unusual copper topped bar to which a baby elephant had been led in for a drink in a recent Hollywood film Hatari (Danger). Mount Meru overlooked the pretty garden town beyond the golf course and the main road to Nairobi to the north.

The streets in the residential areas were lined with purple jacarandas and the well kept gardens displayed a profusion of tropical zinnias, petunias and marigolds mixed with the roses, hollyhocks, ferns and carnations of England. At 5000 feet above sea level, the climate was perfect after the sultry heat of the coast and the early mornings were a delight with dew-dappled lawns, mists and a nip in the air, mingled with the fragrant scent of cedar hedges.

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Herne, Brian White Hunters: The golden age of African Safaris
Page Number: 314
Extract Date: 1960 Nov 1

Hatari Tragedy

After Lionel's [Hartley] death, Diana took her two young children and stayed for a while with Carr Hartley's family at Rumuruti. There she met one of Carr's employees, an Austrian named Heini Demmer. Diana promptly went into an animal-trapping partnership with Demmer - to supply zoos - in direct competition with Carr Hartley, Diana's brother-in-law. Later still, Diana Hartley married Eddie Knodi, a chef at Nairobi's Norfolk Hotel.

Violence continued to stalk the family. Diana's own mother, Mary, was hacked to death with machetes by Mau Mau thugs who attacked the family's Nyeri farmhouse during the Mau Mau Emergency. Diana's seventy-year-old stepfather, G. A. Leakey, who was a blood brother of the Kikuyu tribe, was dragged off by the same gang and buried alive in October 1954. Gray and Mary Leakey are now in the same grave at Nyeri cemetery.

Diana (Hartley) Knodi also died tragically. She was killed by a "tame" lion while working on the Hollywood epic about professional animal catchers, Hatari. On November 1, 1960, Diana Knodi entered the lion's cage and it sprang on her. It bit her three times, on the chin, throat, and chest, then mauled her to death. White hunter Bill Ryan, who was on the film set nearby with stars John Wayne, Hardy Kruger, Red Buttons, and the actress Capucine, commented, "Diana should never have got into the cage with that lion. She didn't have a chance."

Diana's only son, also named Lionel, began his professional hunting apprenticeship in 1970 with myself [Brian Herne] and Nick Swan. He was in the hunting business for seven years, until March 1977.

Note 1: (from MEABOOKS Inc. African book Catalogue)

BEYOND VIOLENCE (Hofmeyr, Agnes Leakey.)

91pp, PB, 1990,

"Gray Leakey was buried alive on Mount Kenya as a human sacrifice to the gods of Mau Mau. This story is written by his daughter, now living in South Africa" The Mau Mau revolution led to a double tragedy in her family. The book describes the author's inner battle battle to come to terms with disaster and the extraodrinary events that brought her and the very man who had planned her father's death together in the search for a new kind of world�",

Note 2: (from Internet Movie Database)

Capucine did not appear in Hatari. But she did feature in a 1962 film set in Kenya call The Lion. (http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0056186/)

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Duncan, Brian Arusha Photographs
Extract Author: Brian Duncan
Page Number: 18a
Extract Date: 1962

Filming Hatari

Picture taken of some of the crowd while filming in progress.

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Duncan, Brian Arusha Photographs
Extract Author: Brian Duncan
Page Number: 18b
Extract Date: 1962

Leopard cub

Cub presented to Mrs Howard Hawks at the end of the filming of Hatari. I recall that she found it a burden to keep and I believe she presented it to a zoo.

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Duncan, Brian Arusha Photographs
Extract Author: Brian Duncan
Page Number: 18c
Extract Date: 1962

Leopard cub and brother Bob

Cub out for walk, brother Bob's feet in picture.

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Duncan, Brian Arusha Photographs
Extract Author: Brian Duncan
Page Number: 18d
Extract Date: 1962

Leopard cub and dog

Minutes after this picture was taken the cub became fed up with the dogs barking and antics and gave it one quick swipe (claws an" all) across the face" dog disappeared even quicker!

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Internet Movie Database
Page Number: 2
Extract Date: 1962

Hatari! - reviews


North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Date: 4 December 2003

Summary: Hawks' African 'Buddy' Film a Wayne Classic!

Hatari! may be the most enjoyable of the Howard Hawks/John Wayne collaborations (their other pairings produced the classics RED RIVER and RIO BRAVO, and the RIO BRAVO 'remakes' EL DORADO and RIO LOBO), and is exceptional in several ways; at 157 minutes (2 hours, 37 minutes), it may be one of the longest 'buddy' films ever made; nearly all of the animal 'chase and capture' sequences involved the actual cast members (professional handlers serving as stunt doubles were only rarely used); and the filming began with virtually no script (which was written based on the 'on location' footage in Africa, after the cast returned to California). At 65, director Hawks was still in top form, and the risks he took paid off...Hatari!, despite it's length, is never boring!

The story focuses on a season with a team of professional hunter/trappers, capturing animals for zoos and circuses. With a breathtaking opening scene of a rhino chase, costing them the use of veteran driver, 'Indian' (legendary actor Bruce Cabot), the 'family' dynamic is quickly established, with rugged Sean Mercer (Wayne) both boss and father-figure to the group. As he and the rest of the 'family' (Red Buttons, Hardy Kr�ger, Valentin de Vargas, and Mich�le Girardon) meet 'Indian's' replacement, 'Chips' (G�rard Blain), Mercer has an even bigger headache to deal with; beautiful photographer Anna Maria 'Dallas' D'Allesandro (Elsa Martinelli) has arrived, to shoot a magazine spread. A 'traditional' Hawks leading lady, 'Dallas' is feisty, sultry, and attracted to Mercer, and the older man, uncomfortable with the ease by which she fits into the group, as well as his own stirrings, tries to make it clear that romance has no place on his agenda (in much the same manner as he did with Angie Dickinson in RIO BRAVO...and with the same results).

While some elements of the story are dated and politically incorrect (shooting a baby African elephant, even as a 'mercy killing', would be a major offense, today, as it is an endangered species), the combination of spectacular 'hunt' sequences, and the warmth and easy camaraderie of the cast in the subplots make Hatari! a rich, rewarding experience.

A major plus for the film is a very atypical Henry Mancini score, combining tense, African-influenced themes for the chases, and the very funny 'Elephant Walk' to punctuate 'Dallas's' relationship with her adopted pachyderm 'children'. The baby elephant scenes are film highlights, as is the rocket capture of a tree filled with monkeys, and both rhino chases (which clearly shows Wayne in some real danger!)

From the opening rhino sequence to the closing 'Honeymoon' scene, Hatari! is a grand entertainment, and escapism at it's best!



london, ontario

Date: 28 November 2003

Summary: why only a few votes???

this surprises me big time!! not just that this movie is spectacular, with the best scenery and wildlife shots, great acting, funny, full of action and the little elephant song :). i dont know many people that have not seen this movie, and i certainly dont know anybody that didnt say "thumbs up". i know this is one of the movies people watch repeatedly. its hard to understand there is just over a thousand votes.


jack purvin

brooklyn.new york

Date: 14 May 2003

Summary: john wayne in africa, what could be better.

great scenes of hunts in africa intertwined with story. john wayne the hero again, great filming, and red buttons is funny,comical and credible as pockets. elsa martinelli is a great sexy and beautiful dallas. and they all fight for dallas's attention.a wonderful story intermixed with the baby elephant walk music.



fresno, California

Date: 2 May 2003

Summary: The most hilarious John Wayne movie

I first saw this movie in 1962. Today it is still as fresh and funny as it was forty years ago. And it is so politically incorrect! It should be put on a pedestal!!! Think about it cool and suave dudes out in the wilds of Africa capturing wild animals for zoos! It's great to see those these folks, rousting beasts during the day, dancing around the piano, while they hold a martini in one hand and a beautiful girl wrapped around the other. The Henry Mancini music is a pleasure to listen to. Just try to obtain a rare CD of the Hatari soundtrack. The humor in the movie is largely supplied by an adorable Red Buttons, playing a former New York cabbie who currently acts as manic truck driver for John Wayne on his daily quest to capture animals. And why is Buttons now driving in Africa? His explanation is that the animals are like New York drivers, so he feels right at home. So run, don't walk to your nearest video rental joint. Rent this baby and spend the next few hours laughing with a movie from a different time and world view.



Hampton, Virginia, USA

Date: 14 December 2002

Summary: My favorite John Wayne film

I have seen this movie about 20 times and its appeal never fades. The nice mix of comedy and action make this my favorite John Wayne film. Each of the supporting characters are so unique and well-developed that it is truly an ensemble piece. Even the music is wonderful. "Elephant Walk" is still so reconizable that I can't help but smile every time I hear it.




Date: 30 November 2002

Summary: At least with the VHS version you can catch a sandwich

The name of the movie almost sounds "African". This is one of John Wayne's `travelogue movies' as I have come to call them. The movies basically stink yet they have several ingredients common to the script which makes them easily identifiable. First they are shot on location, Africa, Hawaii, at the circus or to the backdrop of some unusual profession as in Hellfighters. Second, and this never fails, Duke is always much larger than other men in the cast and also much older. In the case of Red Buttons, nicknamed `Pockets' in this movie, and Hardy Krueger, the short German method actor, Duke appears almost menacing with his enormous size compared to the other actors and threatening repartee. The sperm count of the cast must have been microscopic. The third ingredient is that Duke had lung cancer and was diagnosed in 1963 during the filming of The Sons of Katie Elder. So in movies like Hitari, and Donovan's Reef, he was still turning the girls on with cigarette breath and using Camels as sexual paraphernalia. The fourth ingredient is what I call `zany nonsense'. There is always some kind of idiotic chase scene comic relief thing going. In the case of Hitari, Duke loads a baby elephant in the back of a jeep and then rides off like a maniac terrifying the animal all in the attempt to chase down an Italian model turned actress named `Dallas' as she was trying to get the heck away from Duke and his absurd missed love cues. If Duke was the prize bull amongst all of the midget male actors, he sure came off as brain damaged. His shaving cream kiss with Dallas looked more like State's evidence than affection. The last ingredient is the `show you how it's done' thing. Some portion of these movies is always dedicated to some mandatory action footage about how to do whatever it is that Duke is supposed to be an expert doing. It is just filler to hide the lack of plot. For example in Hellfighters, it was putting out oil fires, in Hatari there is the usual obligatory action scene featuring Duke wrestling what could only be a drug induced Rhino into submission with the help of friendly African Natives and lots of rope. Animal rights activists might find these scenes appalling however movie critics would find the entire film appalling. One star is quite generous.




Date: 11 October 2002

Summary: There is more to a film Hatari! than the Star

Since many of John Wayne's later films were of the May-December romantic theme, this "sub" plot came as no surprise. I found that the musical score, the awesome scenery and the supporting actors, especially Red Buttons who is a superb physical comedian, makes it a light weight but enjoyable film.


douglasmeyer56 (

Denver, Colorado

Date: 4 August 2002

Summary: Love the Hat!

John Wayne at one of his many peaks, Hatari! gives Wayne a different setting to give orders and bumble with women. The music is some of the period's best. I

recall seeing it as a young kid and loved the jeeps (that never seemd to run out of gas), the animal scenes, and of course John Wayne.

I would love to get a hold of that hat of his, with the extended bill.



Seattle, WA

Date: 9 July 2002

Summary: Rugged, good outdoor fun in the African sun.

I remember going to see this in 1960's as the first sit down movie my family went to. I think I fell asleep half way through. Up until that point, I had only been to drive-in theater's.

A very typical Howard Hawkes movie. The men are macho, larger than life, and the women have a quiet strength that shows through during tough times. The film suffers from a too large cast, unfunny forced dialog, and unbelievable romantic angles that make me cringe a little. Maybe if William Holden instead of John Wayne had been cast as the main star, the romance could have been carried off. John Wayne was never at his best as a romantic lead. What is best about the movie are the excellent on location filming of animal captures, and chases. * * * out of * * * * *.

A bit of trivia. At the beginning of the film, the drunken, rowdy gang sing a song called, I believe, "Whiskey, leave me alone." This same song was sung ten years earlier in Hawkes film, 'The Big Sky' that starred Kirk Douglas. Also, does anyone else notice how much these people smoke? You cannot go more than a couple of scenes without someone either bumming a smoke, or lighting up one of their own.



St Mary's County, MD

Date: 29 June 2002

Summary: Classic, good adventure, decent personal involvements.

A classic. Good clean adventure, comedy, decent personal involvements, no animals injured. My children and grand children all enjoy this film. Could be used as a learning tool for grades 5-8 with the realistic native scenes and the methods used to procure animals for zoos worldwide.




Date: 10 May 2002

Summary: Fun and excitement

Hatari! is one of my favorite John Wayne movies. If you just want a really fun movie this is it. The movie doesn't really have much of a plot (except for maybe the growing relationship between Sean (John Wayne) and Anna Maria) but it's a great adventure movie. The animal chase scenes are awesome. The scenery is too. John Wayne, as always, is great. My favorite scene was when they finally captured the rhinocerous. THAT was pretty good excitement! Some great camera angles were used in that scene.

The film alternates between the chase scenes and quieter scenes at the camp. I even thought those were interesting also as they dealt with the relationships between various personalities on a safari.

Hatari! is hard to beat for just excitement and fun. A must see.



Date: 2 April 2002

Summary: A mixed bag

"Hatari!" is a bit of a frustrating experience. The animal chase sequences are very realistically filmed and truly exciting to watch, but the film lags during the character development scenes and much of the comedy comes off as rather clumsy. Another disadvantage is its overlength, but Henry Mancini's score is a great asset.


mrbluto (mrbluto@airmail.net)

Date: 15 January 2002

Summary: Hatari means fun

Hatari is one of my favorite John Wayne movies, it never gets bogged down in any message but fun and romance, Red buttons is at his funny best as pockets the loved starved truck driver, Hardy Kr�ger, G�rard Blain and Bruce Cabot are the tough guy girl chasing drivers, Elsa Martinelli plays the cool beautiful zoo photographer who falls for the big Irish lug Wayne. One of Wayne's funniest movies with a big slice of adventure thrown in.

8 out of 10

Tell me again Shawn about the rocket?



Date: 19 December 2001

Summary: Typical!

Hatari is what I would call one of those classic movies that has to be seen,'cause most everyone you know has already seen it.A typical John Wayne flick,with all those white macho men rounding up savage beasts and managing to survive in that great expanse of Africa.Although a movie that is filled with stereotypes,Hatari does feature some good music and good acting(especially the outstanding Red Buttons).Hatari to me seems just a slightly better substitute to Survivor(Africa).


helpless_dancer (yovivo@pine-net.com)

Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Date: 9 December 2001

Summary: Hatari means hyena in swahilli

Fairly good, but too long, film with some really good scenes showing animals being captured with trucks. This must really drive the PETA folks into a slobbering rage. In between chases the film bogs down at times with dumb, unrealistic dialogue and action. Once again we are asked to believe a young, good looking woman is going to instantly fall head over heels for Grampa Wayne. There were some funny scenes I must admit, but too much of the comedy was corny and forced. Not Wayne's best.



Puerto Varas, Chile

Date: 30 October 2001

Summary: Hawks, the African King

When you read the way Henry Mancini reached the music for "Hatari!" you�re sure he really made it. And when you listen the score it's the hearing of adventure's landing. The thrill of it all. Wait and see! Once there was a time when the next step into fantasy was as real as wild life. The excitement you feel at the view of John Wayne running after the zebras and specially the rhinos, and the pleasure you get from the whole group at work and at leisure (days and nights of slender and beautiful Elsa Martinelli, funny fellow Red Buttons or the non-tense rivalry, basically "a cause d�une femme", between french Blain and german Kruger), well, this is more than you�re used to see in a movie. Howard Hawks made it, and he really knew how to put a script in a breath of eternity.


Len Teasdale

Mount Vernon, NY

Date: 25 July 2001

Summary: Great action, romance, and laughs rolled into one!

One of John Wayne's best, non-western, movies. Good cast, but the real stars in many respects are the animals. Great mix of action, as they try to catch, not kill the animals. Good mix of romance, with one major romantic entanglement (John Wayne and Elsa Martinelli), will they or won't they and one minor romance (Red Buttons and Michele Girardon), how did that happen?

And last but not least, great fun with the baby elephants and the capture of the monkeys, scientifically??!!! A great movie the whole family can enjoy.




Date: 16 July 2001

Summary: so much fun

Hatari! is a film I could watch over and over for all eternity. I've loved it since I was a kid. John Wayne and a great ensemble cast are fun to watch as they have adventures in Africa capturing wild game for zoos around the world. Most of the laughs come from Red Buttons's comic relief Pockets, who does everything from make sly comments to building a giant rocket in order to capture monkeys. The capture sequences with the larger animals (especially the first and second rhino chases) are thrilling, with the actors themselves right in there with the animals. The almost three-hour running time flies by before you even know it. Throw in one of Henry Mancini's greatest scores and two pretty girls, and you've got a fun-filled adventure the whole family can enjoy for years and years.




Date: 13 July 2001

Summary: Movies don't get much better than this!

What do you wnat? Big names? Howard Hawks and John Wayne qualify. Adventure? The rhino scenes are as good as it gets. Comedy? Red Buttons' plan for capturing monkeys is a classic, as is the final chase scene with baby elephants. Oh, and it also has one of Henry Mancini's best scores.

I never seem to get tired of watching this movie. I have it on VHS (2 tapes, although it would fit on a T-160). It's one of the few that I'd also buy if it became available on DVD.

Perhaps the best combination of everything that makes movies (not "films" which seems to always involve subtitles) enjoyable.

Almost perfect.



Columbus, Ohio

Date: 9 April 2001

Summary: The best of the John Wayne movies

This movie is fast paced but seems leisurely. It is filled with exciting animal chase sequences but is really a romance. It is my favorite Red Buttons movie as well as my favorite John Wayne. One of the things that I really like about this movie is that the supporting cast carry so many scenes without John Wayne overwhelming them. All of the characters get developed as if they actually have a life off-screen. This is a very entertaining comedy that never seems to lose its appeal to my whole family.



The Beach

Date: 14 August 2000

Summary: Something for everyone.

Big, colorful, star-powered classic African adventure which set the standard for the genre and inspired such diverse producers as Ivan Tors with "Daktari" (and feature film "Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion") and Steven Speilberg with "The Lost World" (especially the round-up scene). Something for everyone: adventure, comedy, romance, nature and baby elephants...and let's not forget, John Wayne. Lots of fun.



Cologne, Germany

Date: 18 June 2000

Summary: 9 out of 10

One of Hawks' most underrated movies, a great, very enjoyable, tremendously entertaining, funny, action-paced, suspenseful and exciting adventure saga with charming romantic interplay and well-drawn, imminently likeable characters. Falls short of masterpiece, but has John Wayne excelling in the lead as well as a bunch of great actors in typical roles. A superb classic.


Chazzzzz (grok-huy@prodigy.net)

Jacksonville, Florida

Date: 14 February 2000

Summary: This one has EVERYTHING...

Length, Action, Sexy Girl, Comedy, Scenery, Wild Animals, you name it, it is here! Great movie! John Wayne is at his best. Red Buttons delivers a superb performance. Elsa Martinelli is also at her best here! That 7.4 IMDb Weighted Rating is definitely too low... it should be a lot higher! A SOLID 10!


Tom Martin

Lansing, Michigan

Date: 26 December 1999

Summary: Enjoyable but long John Wayne African Western with plenty of good wildlife scenes.

John Wayne is in charge in this Howard Hawks directed African Western. His character reminds me of Sam McCord in "North To Alaska". This time around Elsa Martinelli is Wayne's romantic interest.

This is not your standard John Wayne movie. He doesn't get to use his fists once. The emphasis here is on comedy rather than violence. Veteran comedian Red Buttons is on hand for wise cracks and some very funny moments. His capture of hundreds of monkeys is one of the film's better moments.

Some of the action is almost slapstick in character. Elsa Martinelli's baby elephants steal the show. Martinelli's character seems to be a magnet for homeless elephants. Ultimately, they have a central role in the film's finale, a fast and very funny tour around a Kenyan town.

There is plenty of exciting wildlife photography in this film, perhaps too much. The film tells the story of one season on a game ranch that captures animals for zoos. There is little real plot. Much of the suspense revolves around the dangers of capturing rhinos. A rhino gores Bruce Cabot in one of the early scenes. Later, he cautions Wayne to avoid them. Wayne of course ignores him and ultimately they capture a rhino.

Although enjoyable, this film reminds me of a Disney real-life adventure. There is little character development, a slim plot and the whole thing takes far too long. Henry Mancini's score is very nice, particularly the cute "Baby Elephant Walk". There is also some great stunt work, including a jeep crash in which two lead characters are messed up. This film is exciting and worth watching, but don't expect any great moral message. It's not here.


Derek Henderson


Date: 3 December 1999

Summary: the animals steal the show (what show there is, anyways)

Incredibly insipid movie. The acting is intolerably pathetic, the script even more so (both of them a few notches below a sub-par "Gilligan's Island" episode), and the plot unintelligible. There are two things that save this movie from the absolute bottom of the barrel: the Mancini soundtrack (with the exception of the "ditty" for the final chase scene), and the animal tracking scenes. The filming for the actual animal captures is truly magnificent, even more so with the knowledge that the actors themselves were responsible for all the action. Essentially, if one dumps all that tepid "plot," erases all the actor's lines, and edits out all but the animal chase sequences, Howard Hawks would have had a damn fine movie on his hands.



Kassel, Germany

Date: 1 June 1999

Summary: The honor belongs to the elephants

This is one the funniest adventure films I've ever seen. Russell Harlan's camera work is top notch and John Wayne gave one of his best performances. But that what this film makes so legendary are the little elephants and of course Henry Mancini's "Baby Elephant Walk".



Date: 27 April 1999

Summary: A safe, tame Howard Hawks movie

Hatari! sounds like a good idea, with John Wayne and his troop of goofballs hunting down African animals to catch and sell to zoos, and when when they are out doing that the movie's a thrill to watch. But unfortunately there's a bunch of nonsense about a female photographer inexperienced in the African wild, played with great emptiness by Elsa Martinelli. She's a twig of a lady and not as nearly as interesting as Michele Girardon, whose character has been around animals since she was a baby. There are a bunch of other guys, too, most of them there to act silently and toughly and to swarm around the two girls. There's also Red Buttons, who at times can be genuinely funny, and then at others the film cuts to him at an awkward moment so he can spout off a one-liner that's equally awkward. Even though the movie was apparently shot in Africa, the character development scenes manage to look like any old Hollywood soundstage. In previous Howard Hawks films, the parts that were the most fun were the dialogue scenes. And the more people talking the better. But Hatari! grinds to a halt every time they decide to move the characters' stories forward. Hawks doesn't blend the characters and the action, he makes them take turns. Who cares about these people? I want to go back out on safari! The movie's disappointing, although it doesn't really seem three hours long. Its light unimportance keeps it moving along swiftly. **1/2 out of ****


Marta Dawes (smdawes@home.com)

Omaha, Nebraska

Date: 7 February 1999

Summary: Simply the best the Duke can offer

Don't miss this movie. It's almost 3 hours long, but it doesn't seem like it. I would sit down at any hour of the day or night to watch this film; it never bores. Elsa Martinelli is cooly funny as the love interest. Her spark lights up the film. Red Buttons is fantastic as John's manager; and Bruce Cabot tries his darndest to act like a womanizer. There's plenty of real excitement, too, in the animal chase scenes.

An amazing film that always entertains.


Extract ID: 3346

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Miriam Watters (Pope)
Page Number: 2004 05 29
Extract Date: 1953-61

Miriam Pope - Arusha School 1959-1961

G'day David!

Congratulations on your website - it is a fascinating and a great browse!

My names is Miriam Watters nee Pope. I now live in Brisbane, Australia but I lived East Africa from 1953 until 1961. - spending 3 years in Arusha from 1959 to 1961 (aged 8 to 11). Your website was a trip down memory lane especially with the photo of staff and students in front of Arusha School. I wonder if my face is amongst the students - I was there about the time it was taken!

Mr. Hamshere was a wonderful headmaster and I remember my favourite teacher was Janet Jewell and of course who could forget "BL Jones!

In my autograph book I also have the names of other teachers - H. Tofte, Margaret Crow and V. Gormley. Rev. Bryn Jones was a good friend to my parents Jean and Frank Pope.

Dad was Mechanical Supervisor for PWD. We have happy memories of "Hatari" being made and the excitement of John Wayne and his fellow stars coming to town. I actually met John Wayne, Valentine DeVargis, Red Buttons and Howard Hawks in the Safari Hotel where they were enjoying a beer!

Dad went on safari with our neighbour Hugh Lamprey to catch the rhino for the film and Mum was an extra, chosen through her involvement with the Little Theatre. She acted in many fine plays along with Paddy Purchase .

I read with interest, Michele Calorio's letter on your website. I would love to contact her as I have a photo taken at a children's birthday party held by Mrs Calorio and from memory it was for her daughter Luisa Calorio.

I would be happy for you to include my name on your website and pass my email on to Michele.

Our neighbours in Springvale Road were Dr. and Mrs Carloni and children Nicoletta and Roger. I keep in contact with David "Titch" North-Lewis (now in UK), Melody, Rosemary (both UK) and Nigel Purchase (Kenya) and Joy Thomson (New Zealand).

Joy's father was Rev. Thomson from the Anglican Church. Other names I remember from my class are: Susan Totman, Yvonne Zikarkis, Jane Atlee, Peter Owen-Pawson and Peter French. My younger sister Vanessa was best friends with Elizabeth Cashin. My brother Alan was in the junior school. I also went to Sunday school at the Anglican Church - which has been beautifully kept and looks as good as when we attended church there.

I returned to Arusha in 2002 with my special friend Janet McGavin (who now lives in the UK) who also attended Arusha School. We first met as toddlers in Tabora and we have been close friends since then. One of the current teachers at Arusha School, Shaibu Pelle, showed us around the school. It was a very emotional visit - especially seeing the old tortoise again!

Before moving to Arusha my family lived in Dar-es-salaam where I went to St. Joseph's School for 6 months (in 1956) then we moved to Lindi until 1958. We left Tanzania just after Uhuru, in November 1961, and migrated to Australia in 1962.

By sheer chance I met Colin Swynnerton here in Brisbane - we realised we must have been in the same class as he was also a student at Arusha School and remembered the same class mates names.

I'll get in touch again if my memory comes up with any other names!

Kind regards,

Miriam Watters (Pope)

Extract ID: 4854

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Elizabeth Palfrey
Page Number: 2004 06 21
Extract Date: 1950's

Elizabeth Palfrey - Arusha School 1950's?

I'm so excited!

I was doing some research on Arusha because I went to school there and lived at Olmolog when I came across your sight. Time was suddenly peeled away and the memories flooded back.

My father, Arthur Palfrey, farmed at Olmolog and Piet Hugo was our next door neighbour. He is buried in the Christian cemetery in Arusha. I left East Africa in 1960 to emigrate to the U.S.

My brother in law was Roy Holmes who married my sister, Anne Palfrey. Roy Holmes passed away in Newcastle, Kwa-Zulu-Natal in January 2003. He worked in Arusha on the film 'Hatari'.

Currently, I live in Texas but my family all live in South Africa. My maiden name was Elizabeth Palfrey.

Extract ID: 4849

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Oliver J Cordell
Page Number: 2004 08 02

Oliver J Cordell - Arusha School 1947-1950

what a great website . Just discovered it and am exhausted from extended read , so shall keep short my connexion . My father was rector at the church for the above period and built the hall / extension himself , even to the point of making the concrete blocks himself by hand .

He had first come to tanganyika as a missionary in '27/ '28 and spent most of his time in dodoma . Arusha was a stint / perk to give missionaries a bit of a break from the grind of life in the 'interior '

life was great then , and the site brings back countless memories

I came back to arusha in '60 for a swahili course at tengeru prior to posting to shinyanga as a district officer (cadet) .remember I had to talk my way out of a fight with john wayne's standin after having cast a lewd look at elsa martinelli during a party at the new arusha hotel ! ! ! .

Climbed meru to the top w/o a guide , relying on memory of my first school ascent in '49 (?) when I all but reached the top . Was pretty pleased with myself .

Last visit to arusha was '66 . Wd love to get back again and often wonder about the old families who lived in the area , figenschous , eckhardts , michaeledes , horns and so on ! !

After two yrs in shya joined the australian foreign service till '93. now live in sweden with second wife and new family ! !

Am sending this web address to karin blowers /ne" drews who lives in qld australia and is interested in catching up with old students from our time .

Grettings to all ex arusha hands . Oliver J cordell


I�m trying to catch up with nTZ web site things, and find that I neglected to reply to your email. Please forgive me that so much time has elapsed.

In fact, your email has reminded me of so many things which I�d love to dig out to show you and put on the web site. But I�ve been very busy, and am now trying to prepare for a trip to Arusha next week to help develop a web site.

I�ll try to write again soon, and send you a plan of the rectory - hand drawn by my father (rector 1953-57), plus photos of the boards in the church recording the rectors, including your fathers name.

Presume you�ve found the DVD of Hatari. The New Safari Hotel has been completely rebuilt, and is owned by the Lutheran Church, and the bar is dry! More memorabilia of the film is found in the, also rebuilt, New Arusha Hotel. I recently met an old Safari Guide from Nairobi who had America clients with him in Arusha when the filming was taking place. They were in the Safari Bar when John Wayne came in, and all the women were awe struck. The guide persuaded John Wayne to go over and say hello to his clients. And that was the highlight of their African Safari - they talked about nothing else for the next 10 days, with little interest in the animals!

I know only two people in the Area who have been there since the fifties. They may remember some of the names you mentions, but I suspect that most people have moved on.

I�ll be in touch again, as soon as I can.


Extract ID: 4852

external link

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Internet Movie Database
Page Number: 3
Extract Date: 1962

Hatari! - plot summary

John Wayne and his ensemble cast cavort over the African landscape filling orders from zoo's for wild animals. Bruce Cabot plays "the Indian", a womanizing sharpshooter who is gored by a rhino in the opening scenes of the film. This becomes a running theme through the movie; their bad luck in catching rhinos, and provides the climactic ending chase. While Bruce is in the hospital, Elsa Martinelli shows up as a woman photographer from a Swiss zoo, and John wants to send her packing. She strongarms the Duke into letting her stay by promising that her zoo will buy most of their animals this season if she's allowed to go along on the hunts and take photos. Hardy Kruger, Gerard Blain, Michelle Girardon and Valentin de Vargas round out the group. They traipse over the African landscape capturing animals; Elsa also has a running gag where she collects baby elephants as the movie goes along. In the end she's acquired three of them.

Summary written by Marta Dawes

Extract ID: 3348

See also

Arusha Times
Extract Author: Staff Writer
Page Number: 388f
Extract Date: 24 Sep 2005

'Hatari' elephant's daughter returns with old memories

The daughter of the actor who played both 'The elephant' and 'Jackal' in the block busting movie, 'Hatari!' filmed here in the early 60s, was in Arusha this week. She rekindled the dramatic memories of that 'live' set in which real animals were used to wreck havoc in town.

Marylin Porter, formerly known by her maiden name as 'Nee Read,' said her father, the late, Norman Read who was a professional hunter, had been enlisted to play the role of 'animal voice personification,' in which he trumpeted like an elephant and laughed like a hyena.

"Because as soon as the elephants were brought to town, they refused to make any noise." On the other hand though the animals did their best in displaying cross-country skills as they run round the town and into supermarkets, not to mention the Safari Hotel where they caused plenty of mayhem.

During those days, Marylin alias Nee, was attending the Arusha school with her mates. After classes, she recalls, the girls used to cause as much tension as the elephants of Hatari did. "We would normally go into supermarkets and steal candy, sweets and biscuits," she admits.

"Hatari!" is the story of a group of men who lived around the Arusha Game Park and caught animals to be sent for overseas zoos. The actors include; John Wayne, who played the role of Sean Mercer, the head captor. Red Buttons who was "Pockets" the driver and Hardy Kruger, a German known in the film as Kurt.

In the movie, a photographer named Dallas (Elsa Martinelli) comes to spend a season and everyone is surprised (and delighted) to find that she is a woman, and a beautiful one at that. She goes out on hunts with the men and is attracted to Sean; he likes her, too, although he won't admit it. Pockets and Kurt fight over their old boss' daughter, Brandy, who is grown up now.

There is plenty of wild animal action (the actors really did catch the animals), plenty of fun, and innocent romance, too. John Wayne has one of his best roles as the rugged he-man who acts all dopey around a pretty girl. Miss Martinelli is very good as the Italian beauty who falls hard for Sean and is the object of two baby elephants' affections, as well.

"Elsa was horrible!" Said Marilyn, explaining that the actor was as bad-tempered in real life as she was in the movie. After completing school, Marilyn worked part-time as a receptionist at The New Arusha Hotel, before leaving for Zambia then later on Zimbabwe and finally Botswana where she got married. Nee now lives in Australia.

"I constantly come to Arusha to visit my uncle who lives at Ngongongare location of Arumeru, around Momella," she said. Her uncle is none other than David Read, the brains behind the outstanding book titles: 'Barefoot over Serengeti,' ' Beating about the Bush,' ' Waters of the Sanjan' and the recently released, 'Another Load of Bull.'

Marilyn had a few things to say about his uncle as well. "He is always in a hurry, hardly settles." She reveals. But David Read remained unperturbed by such remarks.

Extract ID: 5094

See also

Arusha Times
Page Number: 388h
Extract Date: 24 Sep 2005

The movie "Hatari" filmed in Arusha and starring John Wayne has been the all time classic since its release over 40 years ago.

Extract ID: 5096

See also

Arusha Times
Page Number: 388i
Extract Date: 24 Sep 2005

An elephant enters into the New Safari Hotel during the filming of "Hatari".

Extract ID: 5097

external link

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Internet Movie Database
Page Number: 4
Extract Date: 1962

Hatari! - Full Cast and Crew

Directed by

Howard Hawks

Writing credits (in credits order)

Harry Kurnitz (story)

Leigh Brackett

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

John Wayne .... Sean Mercer

Hardy Kr�ger .... Kurt Mueller (as Hardy Kruger)

Elsa Martinelli .... Anna Maria 'Dallas' D'Allesandro

Red Buttons .... Pockets

G�rard Blain .... Chips Chalmoy (as Gerard Blain)

Bruce Cabot (I) .... Little Wolf aka The Indian

Mich�le Girardon .... Brandy de la Corte (as Michele Girardon)

Valentin de Vargas .... Luis Francisco Garcia Lopez

Eduard Franz .... Dr. Sanderson

Jon Chevron .... Joseph

Queenie Leonard .... Nurse

Eric Rungren

Emmett Smith .... Bartender

rest of cast listed alphabetically

Sam Harris (II) .... Man in Store (uncredited)

Henry Scott (I) .... Sikh Clerk (uncredited)

Jack Williams (I) .... Man (uncredited)

Produced by

Howard Hawks .... producer

Paul Helmick .... associate producer

Original music by

Hoagy Carmichael (song)

Henry Mancini

Cinematography by

Russell Harlan

Film Editing by

Stuart Gilmore

Art Direction by

Carl Anderson (I)

Hal Pereira

Set Decoration by

Claude E. Carpenter

Sam Comer

Costume Design by

Edith Head

Production Management

Jim Henderling .... unit manager

Don Robb (I) .... production manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Tom Connors Jr. .... assistant director (as Tom Connors)

Paul Helmick .... second unit director

Russell Saunders (I) .... assistant director (as Russ Saunders)

Art Department

Earl Olin (I) .... property master

Sound Department

John R. Carter (I) .... sound recordist (as John Carter)

Charles Grenzbach (I) .... sound recordist

Special Effects by

John P. Fulton .... special photographic effects


Carey Loftin .... stunts (uncredited)

Chuck Roberson .... stunt double: John Wayne (uncredited)

Other crew

Frank Beetson Jr. .... wardrobe: men

Joseph C. Brun .... associate photographer (as Joseph Brun)

Jim Henderling .... unit manager

Johnny Mercer .... lyricist

Richard Parker (III) .... special mechanical effects

Willy de Beer .... technical advisor

Extract ID: 3349

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 01
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4639

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 02
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4640

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 03
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4641

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 04
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4642

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 05
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4643

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 06
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4644

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 07
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4645

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 08
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4646

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 09
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4647

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 10
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4648

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 11
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4649

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 12
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4650

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 13
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4651

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 14
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4652

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 15
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4653

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 16
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4654

See also

Hawks, Howard (Director) Hatari
Page Number: Chapter 17 - 17
Extract Date: 1962

Extract ID: 4655

See also

nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Lennie Holm
Page Number: 2004 08 18
Extract Date: 1985-1087

Lennie Holm - Arusha School 1985-1087

Dear Editor and all

I stumbled over this website a week or so ago and was amazed by the wealth of information that it contains. Having resided on and off in Arusha since 1982 till present I was initially hooked on the old photos taken around the clock tower.

Now I have come to the Arusha School section and am equally thrilled. I attended Arusha school one or two generations later then most of you (1985-87) and last visited the school during December 2003.

I�m currently outside the country on an expatriate contract but expect to return to Arusha for an extended period starting the end of the year. If there is any help I can render in finding infos etc. please do not hesitate to let me know. Last but not least, I would like to express my respect for all who have contributed with time and materiel to fill this website - it offers unique insight in the often hard to access history of Arusha.

Kind regards

Lennie Holm

Thanks for your kind feedback about the website. It's all my own work, built up slowly over a period now of some 10 years. I wish I had more time to work on it and expand it. Contributions from people like you are much appreciated. Many of the older photos were taken by my parents when we lived in Arusha in the 1950's.

Obviously it's the history of Arusha, not just of the school, which I find interesting, and any old photos or bits of information you can find will help. I'd love to find anything about the building and opening of the clock tower.

What will you be doing when you are back in Arusha? Do keep in touch when you are there. I think it will be next April before I have a chance to get back again.

Thanks for your email. Indeed, my initial interest was sparked by the photo you have that are taken around the Clock-tower. They presented quite a revelation as they were the first visual representation of that area that I have come across save for the few scenes in Hatari that were shot there.

Apropos Hatari, my fathers wife's first husband and father of my step brothers was the owner of the Momella Lodge, the late Mr. Mallory and we have in our household the bed that stood in John Wayne's room during the shooting of the movie (not the one the elephant broke). Also I have a friend who is the grandson of a Mr Anastasios, who allegedly is the person who rented part of his fleet for the filming of the movie. The family's yard in Moshono still sports an divers collection of decaying non-runners but I�m not sure whether the vehicles used in the movie are among them.

Upon my return to Arusha I will assume the management of a safari company there called Scan Tan Tours and expect to remain in Arusha for at least a year or two so I should have some time to look into the clock tower issue. Do you have any information about the appearance of the area previously known as Arusha plantations? We have a house on on Themi Hill and I believe it and the land below must have been all farming area, perhaps coffee. At the foot of Themi [Temi] Hill stands a derelict farm house and from its appearance and position I suspect the surrounding land must been attached to this farm - the area where the Nane-Nane grounds now lie and beyond. Looking much forward to hear from you again and hope we might find time for a chat next time you are in Arusha.

Extract ID: 4859

See also

nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Mike Paterson
Extract Date: 20 July 2001

Mike Paterson

Thanks for replying and the info. There is also quite a good bookshop called Kenya books in brighton just tap that in and you should get them they have a lot of TZ stuff.

I was born in Kampala 1948 and lived and went to school in Tanganyika (Mbeya 1955-58 and St Michael's & St George's Iringa 1959-1962 afterwards in UK.

My father Robert was in the administration as a DO and DC (d1995) and we moved about a lot mainly Lake Province (Shinyanga Biharamulo Bukoba and Ukerewe Island,Southern Highlands(Tukuyu) also Dar and Kisarawe.

I never lived in the Arusha area but stayed at the New Arusha Hotel on our trips to Nairobi and also with the Powells (DC Arusha c1961)

I passed through Arusha in 1992 on safari. An interesting contrast from what it was in the 50's (probably the nicest little town in EA) I seem to remember that the were filming Hatari when we were there early 60's. What struck me most was the lack of water in the river which I remember being quite swift flowing. If you remember any folks who went to school out there you could see familiar names at iringa.ourfamily.com or fungasafari.com for the Kenya schools.

Your site is brilliant and it has been great to see familiar names close family friends like Hans Cory,John Moffat, Hugh Elliot and parents of guys I was at School with (George Dove,Van Rooyen, Von Mutius etc also David Western.)

Keep up the good work

Best Wishes

Mike Paterson

Extract ID: 4107

external link

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Arusha Times
Extract Author: lute wa lutengano
Page Number: No. 00247a
Extract Date: November 23, 2002

Substitutes are Like a Tail Chasing Pup

When I first set foot in this northern Tanzania town, that is way back in the mid 80s, my favourite drinking joints were the Copper bar at the historical New Safari Hotel and The Tavern at the panoramic New Arusha Hotel.

The Copper Bar had a set up based on a theme of the famous John Wayne film, Hatari. It so happens that the famous film star once stayed at the Safari Hotel when making that movie. The Tavern, located on the basement overlooking the beautiful gardens, used to celebrate the old Arusha socialites. This you could tell by the names inscribed on the beer mugs hanging behind the bar man. They were a "who is who" list of the colonial and early independence history of Arusha.

By the time I arrived in Arusha the two bars were catering for different classes of people. The Copper was popular with the town's young professionals while the Tavern was patronised by the elderly and rich. It goes without saying that comparatively more cocktails and hard stuff were consumed at The Tavern. That was when Tony came into the picture. He was The Tavern bar's cocktail wizard. Always pleasant and advising the client accordingly what poison was good for him or her when feeling or in that mood or the other. Surely, Tony was the soul of the bar.

The Copper and The Tavern are no longer there. I am reliably informed though that a new pub, appropriately named Hatari is in the pipeline at the newly renovated New Arusha Hotel. I am told it will be a thematic bar, (based on the same Hatari film) and better organised than the Copper and The Tavern bars. But this is another story all together.

Extract ID: 3626

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Dieter Czurn
Page Number: 2004 11 15

Rolf Trappes sons

Just yesterday some friends from Momella came to visit me. They are the owners of the Hatari Lodge in Momella, the former house of Hardy Kr�ger, who was an actor in the film Hatari with John Wayne.

They came with a nurse, who was taking care of their baby. She seems to work or have worked for Rolf Trappe jun.. Rolf and Richard Trappe are both living around Arusha. I met Ricky and his mother 3 years ago. At that time they lived near to the western slopes of Mount Meru. I know, that Ricky's health is quite bad, but Rolf seems to be quite ok.

I will try to find out both addresses for you or at least where to find them. I will also come to Tanzania in January. Maybe I will have time to meet them.

The Trappes belonged to our best friends in Tanzania. My father even knew Mrs. Margarethe Trappe, the famous hunter, very well. He came to Tanzania in 1933. We went to Momella many times and Rolf and Ricky visited the same school in the Usambara Mountains ( where I was born and where I grew up ) as we did.

I have attached a photo for you, showing the Trappes. It was my first school day in Soni ( 1963 )

From left to right:

Ricky Trappe, Rolf Trappe( Putschi ), my brother Mani, me and Emil Karafiat, the cousin of the Trappes.

Rolf Trappe sen. and Emil's mother were brother and sister-- both children of Margarethe Trappe.

Kindest regards,

Dieter Czurn

Many thanks for the email, and for the great photo.

I guess it was Jorg and Marlies who came to visit you. I met them also last week at WTM in London, and we had been in email contact before that sharing historical information about the Momella area and the Trappe family, and the making of Hatari. They were looking forward to finding the book about Momella which should have been waiting for them in Germany.

You may deduce from this that it's just me behind the nTZ.info web site, and that I am based in England. I managed a trip to Arusha in October, but I think that you will be back before me.

If you are in contact with Rolf and Richard Trappe could you please put them in contact with A M Hausheer-Hiltpold. (He emailed me in March looking for information about them).

Thanks for your help

And do please send any more photos or stories which you think will contribute to the site.

Extract ID: 4892

See also

nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Jens Stark
Page Number: 2004 11 28

Hatari update

Hi !

I just found your impressive web site - after researching Hatari! on the Internet. A couple of hours of my life spent on it - and it was a marvellous trip !

While passing through Arusha on a tour from Namibia to Kenya, I looked for traces of the movie. Now I learned that :

- Safari Hotel is no longer

- The lodge is still somewhat visitable

- The clock tower is still there ! :)

Is there anything I did not see ? Worth travelling to Arusha for ? (Which sounds like a good idea anyhow...)


Jens Stark


I was in Arusha in October, and of course the clock tower is still there" and it even has street lighting at night.

The Safari Hotel has now re-opened, but it is owned by the Lutheran Church, and it is a dry establishment, so the bar is no more.

Momella lodge is, as you say, existing just, but the good news is that a new lodge has opened nearby. Hatari Lodge is based on what was Ol Donyo Roc Lodge. Details at http://www.hatarilodge.com/en/index.html I understand that the interior design is fantastic, and the location in the Arusha National Park makes it well worth the visit. The ANP is one of my favourite places.

Hope you have a chance to get back to Arusha" and let me know what you find.

Extract ID: 4967

See also

Chhatbar, Sukhdev Promote tourism, actors told
Extract Date: 26 May 2007

John Wayne Celebrations

Tanzania's film producers and actors have been exhorted to portray the country's images in their productions which could serve as source of expanding the tourism industry.

''Film making and tourism go hand in hand,'' stressed the director of the Tanzania Tourist Board(TTB), Mr Peter Mwenguo, when officially launching yesterday the global centennial celebrations for the legendary American film hero, John Wayne, to climax in Arusha on May 26, next year.

The American movie star produced a world-renowned film 'Hatari' which was shot at Momella, Arusha National Park in 1962.

This rollicking action-comedy proved to be one of his most charming and exhilarating adventures" and one of the last truly great films by Wayne. The story follows a group of professional big-game hunters through a single season, as they drive high-speed across the dusty African plains capturing wild animals for zoos and circuses around the world.

Clocking in at 159 minutes, this is said to be the longest film of Wayne. He died of stomach cancer on June 11, 1979.

Mr Mwenguo said the Wayne's film brought a lot of fame to the country, where real animal shots and its location "boosted the country's tourism flow.

The American tourists, he explained, are now ranking second highest (around 60,000), to visit the country, out of the 612,000 visitors received last year. Tourism now accounts for 16 per cent of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), he explained and offering 140,000 direct jobs.

Film producers and actors, he said, have a very crucial and influential role to play in promoting Tanzania, which expects to attract one billion tourists in the next four years.

By hosting the international centennial celebrations, ''Tanzania shall have accorded respect to John Wayne, his family and to all those who worked with him to put Tanzania on the Hollywood map of the world,'' added Mr Mwenguo.

The occasion would attract 600 visitors, including those who participated in the Hatari film, top American actors, movie makers, celebraties and tourists, according to the TTB chief.

Extract ID: 5131

See also

Arusha Times
Extract Author: Valentine Marc Nkwame
Page Number: 471
Extract Date: 2 June 2007

After Hatari John Wayne now goes "Beyond the list"

The Duke's family jets into Arusha to retrace the legend's footsteps

By Valentine Marc Nkwame

"... Someday Pockets! Someday! I am gonna wring your neck.," fumed the soaked-to-the-skin, John Wayne, in one of the many animal-chasing scenes found in "Hatari," a movie in which, he was playing the leading role as Sean Mercer, the head animal trapper of Momella (Now Arusha National Park).

Pockets (Red Buttons), on the other hand, was that clown-funny, little driver, who had just dipped the nose of his rugged, speeding truck into a river, thus splashing Mercer (Wayne), who had strapped himself on the car's hood, with muddy water. Pockets merely dismissed the "threats" with a laugh, "Not today Bwana! Not today... !"

He used to be the "strong and silent" type of a movie star, who became a role-model for other Action and Adventure film actors. Born on the 26th of May 1907 in Winterset, Iowa, USA John Wayne, was popularly known as "The Duke!", a title which "Pockets" comically translated into "Bwana" (Swahili term for "Lord�) in Hatari.

Declared the "Greatest Male Star of all time," by the American Film Institute, The Oscar winning, John Wayne who died in June 1979 then aged 72 left behind hundreds of films in which he either played a lead role, co-starred or helped to produce. In Tanzania he is mostly remembered for his 1962 role in Hatari! Which was set in Arusha.

Now the legendary American film icon, is just about to take onto a new role. John Wayne, is soon "going out" to "showcase" Tanzania, through a soon to be screened, new Television feature to be known as "Beyond the list!"

The 30 minutes feature is being produced by the Los Angeles based, Bennett Productions of California. The works involved include 10 days of going round specific sites, with more than 40 hours of filming. The feature will cover, Arusha town, Arusha National Park, Momella Wildlife Lodge, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara Parks. Parts of Dar-es-salaam City and Zanzibar island may also be thrown in.

But wait! Isn�t John Wayne dead? Oh! Yes, the legendary film star passed away in 1979, about 20 years after he came to Arusha to take the leading role (as Sean Mercer) in the classic Adventure and Comedy feature, "Hatari!" a film which since its debut release in 1962, remained an all-time family favorite and still gets rave reviews in most on-line movie sites.

The Duke has eyes!

Now! If John Wayne died 28 years ago, how exactly then, is the prima donna expected to star in this new TV feature? Maybe Ian Woods can explain. This is the British producer in charge of "Beyond the list" project and who together with two film crews, comprising six people, jetted into Arusha last week, ready for the shooting.

"The theme behind the TV feature is "Showcasing Tanzania through the eyes of John Wayne's Family!" He explained. Right, because even if John Wayne had lived, he would have been 100 years old now, rather retired and too aged to face the cameras ... Star at the age of 100? "Not today Bwana! Certainly Not Today."

However, that was the whole purpose of the family of the late John Wayne, to visit Arusha in the course of last week; They jetted here to pay a centennial homage to the Duke. That took place at the exact remote location (Momella), where John Wayne once stayed while filming Hatari.

So the riddle has been explained! It won�t be the duke himself who will be facing the lenses, but rather his family. Yes, it will be through the eyes of this celebrated family, that the LA based, Bennett Productions want to explain Tanzania to the world ... in 30 minutes sharp.

Only half-an-hour? Considering Hatari's whooping 3 hours. Still, quite possible. I mean when taking into account the number of "eyes" that the producers will be using in "seeing Tanzania!" Patrick Wayne, the son of John Wayne and who is an accomplished actor himself, will provide the first pair of eyes.

There is also Patrick's own son, the stout Michael Wayne. He is the grandson of the legendary Duke. Mike came along with his wife, Christine and several children. (He should not be confused with the other Michael Wayne, the Duke's first born who however did not come to Arusha). Then again there is Melanie, Patrick's daughter and John Wayne's granddaughter ... "Beyond the list "seems to have adequate pairs of eyes.

Now! Let the cameras roll. And the cameras in question are those giant HD types. "We are shooting the movie clips in High Definition," Said Woods. "This is in order to reproduce realistic theatrical effects." He added.

Now looks like History is about to repeat itself. It took decades before copies of Hatari came to Tanzania (they are still few to date). It may take twice as long for "Beyond the list" to make scene here. If it ever will, because being a Television feature, chances are it may never be released commercially.

... Two jeeps raced side-by-side in Momella, trying to outrun a large rhino that the trappers wanted to exhaust before harnessing it with giant ropes. After a session of such a breathtaking race, the animal turned and charged at one of the open-roofed jeeps. The Rhino hit the Indian (Bruce Cabot), who was seated next to the driver, fracturing his femur.

Well! The "hunt" had to be halted since the excessively bleeding Indian must be rushed to Mount Meru Hospital for treatment. Even in the 60s the Regional Health Center used to have a shortage of blood in its banks and the Indian needed transfusion before operation ... or something. Whatever the case, it was such a gory opening for Hatari!

Not so with "Beyond the list!" "See these giraffes overlooking the Momella?" Said Casey Bennet, the Managing Director of Bennett Productions, pointing at a footage of the tall animals, feeding on shrubs near the lodge, at sundown. "This will be the opening scene in the feature film." He revealed. Mh! Rather tame, compared to the John Wayne's intro.

Using his palm held, Image viewer, Bennett reveals more stunning footage of what is likely to be "an interesting documentary." Except it is not. "I won�t consider it a documentary, but an adventure feature," said Bennett. Anyway, he is quite a cheeky fellow, that Casey Bennett. Among the "collections" on his portable image viewer, are pictures of ...eh... some beautiful ladies.

"Well I have also been taking pictures of Super-models, Miss World and Miss Universe Pageants." He revealed with a smirk. But he quickly remarks, "beauties can also "showcase" a place. In fact for my next Tanzanian project, I plan to use super models to promote some of the countries" attractions. To start with Mount Kilimanjaro, that will be next year."

However, the "beauty factor" doesn�t have to wait for next year. "Beyond the list," features one such beauty personality. As it happens, Jenn Brown, a young attractive lady, is going to "present" the whole show. That should be okay. But was there a beauty in Hatari? Oh! You bet. After all, the movie had some smooch romantic episodes as well.

Brandy (Michele Girardon), the beautiful daughter of a former hunter (according to Hatari storyline), finds herself the unwitting romantic pawn in what was to become a "love triangle," pitting two of the youthful hunters and later on, Pockets as well.

There was also Elsa Martinell the main Co-Star, who played, Anna Maria Dallas, the moody "photographer" sent down from a Swiss Zoo, but who ...typically... ends up falling for the "unconcerned" Duke. Before that however, she adopts two baby elephants that later chase her around Arusha town as she tried to escape. In fact, the closing scene for Hatari (Swahili term for "Danger�) is when the elephants climbs onto her bed and ... well... break it.

Casey Bennett may have seen other Wayne's works, such as The Stagecoach, Rio Lobo, The Train Robbers, The Cowboys, The War Wagon, Hell fighters and The Undefeated! But before coming to Arusha, the director had never watched "Hatari!" He watched it for the first time during the special "John Wayne Centennial" reception, organized by the Tanzania Tourist Board at the Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge where the crew also stayed.

Never mind, but as the legend of John Wayne gets revived in Arusha, through the eyes of his offsprings and 45 years after Hatari was filmed here, one wonders when exactly will this vicinity ever get the honor of hosting any major film production again ... Probably; Not today Bwana!

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