Francis Brett Young

Born 1884

Dies 1954

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1917 Publishes: Young, Francis Brett Marching on Tanga

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Extract Author: Duncan Mitchell
Page Number: 2004 08 24

Researching Francis Brett Young

I came upon your superbly interesting website per chance (I was researching Francis Brett Young).

I'm on the Library Committee of Muthaiga Country Club charged with developing an Africana Section.

Being quite unsure of what kind of website you are, I wonder if you have any reprint Africana books for sale??

Look forward to your reply.

Duncan Mitchell

Thanks for you comments on the web site.

The site is a hobby really - combining my interest in Northern Tanzania with trying to learn about how to make web sites.

The books which have a source and a price noted are all part of my own collection, and, unfortunately for you, I don�t resell them in any way.

There�s a page which notes the booksellers I�ve found useful for Africana books.

Http:// If you want to start on-line, start with

And it�s surprising now what you can find on Amazon.

You no doubt saw my extract from FBY Marching on Tanga

It was earlier this year that I read the book, and was very impressed with his descriptions of the country side they moved through, and the realities of the war for a foot soldier.

One day when I�m next in Nairobi, maybe I should pay you (or at least your library) a visit. I�m sure you�ll have lots there of interest, which possibly can�t be found anywhere else.

Many Thank for the search tips.

Wow! Yours is a generous hobby�I have uncovered some absolute gems in your site!

Perhaps of interest to you, I'm just back from a Tsavo safari and for the first time in about 10 years visited Lake Jipe and Taveta. What a mess! Squatters have swarmed in, pulling apart the old trenches and redoubts at Salita Hill (searching for German gold - I am told).

The Pare Mountains are bare monoliths oozing smoke from countless charcoal burners� The Lake has virtually dried up as the Lumi River and canals have all been diverted� Makes you want to cry!

Only positive thing �the Commonwealth War Graves at Taveta and Maktau are still well maintained.

Anyway..karibu tena na Muthaiga Club� you'll always find me there.

Sadly, for umpteen years the library was fed 'current list' books from a single UK source and sadly neglected collecting Africana. In fact the best Africana collection in Kenya was at Nairobi Club (but many titles have just disappeared!)



Given your obvious interest in WW1 I suggest you contact Gerald Rilling in America (Chicago area I think)

He used to work in Tanzania, and is an expert on those times, with lots of relevant books for sale.

Mention my name, if you email him to ask for his book lists.


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