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Arusha Times
Extract Author: Kaaya Shilia
Extract Date: 1 May 2002



Arusha the hub of action

People in elegant suits and badges

People smiling and hurrying

Flycatchers abound

Shouting, Jambo, Jambo, Karibu

Within a stones throw

The roof of Africa towers

Snowy and beautiful

Despite the perceived scotching heat

Of the midday sun, along the equator

The relic of Arusha Declaration

A monument of fame and name

With Mwalimu stamp left vividly

Though in ashes of history

Arusha historical and memorable

The home of zinjanthropas

The mother of mankind

The foot of creation

Listed in the wonders of the world

The astounding Ngorongoro Crater

Amazing Serengeti migrations

Nature at its best

Arusha the boiling pot

Arusha home to the world

With peace sought by heart

Conventions and congress in progress

Here mankind converges

Praying for the injured world

That bleeds and smells of injustice

Hatched of greed and lust for power

Arusha of sirens for the powerful

Arusha of sirens for perpetrators

Of genocide and mass killing

Arusha the pride of Tanzania

And now crowned and indeed befitting


By Kaaya Shilia


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Arusha Times
Extract Author: Kaaya Shilia
Page Number: 233
Extract Date: 17 August 2002

The amazing Ngorongoro

Going down to the bowels of the earth

Down to the alkaline Malakat lake

The depression, the caldera

Nearer the colourful flamingos

The "big five"

Rhinos and lioness, the hunter

The hunters and the hunted

The coward hyena with iron teeth

The fat hippos, fearful of the scotching sun

What a treasure

What a gift to mankind

The amazing fauna

The virgin flora

The deep forest of variety

The beaded trees!

With long faces like

Of hidden eyes of

The Creator, the Maker

The stupid Rhino

Of the erotic love fantasies in Oriental

Of the magical armoury value

For the rich Arabs of the Emirates

With sickly memory

The splashing urinator

The black rhino, what an awesome sight!

What a heap of life

For admiration and wonder

Ngorongoro amazing

May you live and flourish

Conquering eternity

Stirring humanity to sense

For respect and perfect harmony

The cloud , the mist

The singing thorn birds

The deafening silence

The chilly morning

Of fog and darkness

Ngorongoro a marvel

The unparalleled wonder


The cradle of mankind

The stunning climax of creation

Where man and nature co-exist

With restrain and respect

The Maasai of flamboyant atire

Of relic, the jumping music and folklore

Ngorongoro unique

Ngorongoro amazing


By Kaaya Shilia



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