Olduvai Band

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Extract Author: K. P. Robinson
Extract Date: 2001 Jan 13

Baba kaleta panya song taking the tunes

With its intriguing tunes and constantly freaking sounds, the song has currently taken higher positions on radio air plays around, and gets nearly everyone to their toes every minute it rings.

Off the groups debut cassette, the song maybe Olduvai Band's best and most loved. It is on their current album entitled 'The competitive spirit of Olduvai Band" and "Baba kaleta panya" is a chapter about hyprocrisy on families nowadays. Olduvai Band begun their group in 1996 in Dar es Salaam and has since been playing at Sheraton hotel. It is made up of four members and these are: Noel Minja who is the head, and plays drums with vocals Amri Hingi, a keyboard dist and vocalist, Alex Sinkamba a guitarist and Issa Mwenzemo also a base-guitarist.

They have recently moved to Arusha and are currently under a contract playing at Ricks club everyday. Despite their band being new, on the music scene, they are allegedly not scared of the competition from other bands in the country because "that's the way the society will develop," says Amri, and besides that, they deliver a different type of music, with a hint of fund and message of good family relationships in the society.

They finally give thanks to all their fans and do ask for more of their support; by purchasing their debut cassette freshly produced by Master J and MJ productions in Dar and selling in stores around.

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