Bj�rn-Erik Hanssen

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2000 Publishes: Hanssen, Bj�rn-Erik The Leopard Man

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Extract Author: Bjorn-Erik Hanssen
Extract Date: 10 Dec 2002


Do you also list non-English books?

I'm a writer, having written the book in Norwegian from Mbulu, where I lived for two years. Title: Leopardmannen (The Leopard Man) It has been translated into English, however not been published (yet?) I also edit a homepage on African Music with adress: I'm updating the page these days also to include links to theatre,literature and travel, so you will be linked up.

best wishes,

Bjorn-Erik Hanssen

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Bj�rn-Erik Hanssen
Page Number: 2009 01 22
Extract Date: 22-Jan-2009

The Leopard Man

I just want to mention that my book 'The Leopard Man' now also is available in English.

It can be ordered from the link

all the best


PS If you can't understand how to order the book via the Norwegian link, write an e-mail to the publisher.

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