Brian Mahon

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Page Number: 120b
Extract Date: 1962

Consignment of hydrogen

At the end of the day we drove out to Brian Mahon's farm on the M'Ringa Estate, for he had been acting as addressee on various sea-going consignments from Britain. Prominent among the goods received were the 120 cylinders for our inland flights. They were to be lifted back and forth to Nairobi for refilling as and when we emptied them. That little lot weighed 15 tons, and the problems involved in the shuttle-service were to prove a major millstone for our organization. Once again we had reason to envy Dr Samuel Fergusson. His original filling of hydrogen, made with iron and acid at Zanzibar, had lasted him throughout his five week journey. The world of fact is very different. No free-flying balloon on record has ever kept a single consignment of hydrogen for one-eighth of that time. Yet we had cylinders, the strength of which Dr Fergusson could never have dreamed of. I tested the pressure of a few to check them. All was well, and in the heat of Africa the inside pressure had risen to 4,000 Ib. a square inch. We should get three flights out of those 120 cylinders, if everything went as planned.

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