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Extract Author: Tom Lawrence
Page Number: 2005 04 03
Extract Date: 1940's

Feedback on Sydney Waller

Not too sure how one can give information back on queries raised by Linda Costa

My father was a professional hunter in his latter years, but knew Sydney Waller well in Voi (Kenya) when he was one of the early Game Wardens in Tsavo National Park. At that time Sydney was living out his last years as an old man. He was nicknamed �The Ground Hornbill� as he would walk along in a similar pose, muttering under his breath, which sounded remarkably like the birds when they wander through the bush calling to each other. He was also part of those who used to frequent the Voi Hotel as their local watering hole. He died in the early 1950s (I have the exact date at home) from malaria. As far as I know he was bachelor by then.

Bob Foster, another famous hunter was also in the area at the time, and between them they would take Sydney�s annual elephant licence and shoot the elephant for him. He would the supervise the extraction of the tusks which would in turn be sold and keep Sydney in money for the next year or so.

Can give you more information about him but more from a hunting perspective, although as far as I can remember, I know nothing about him being linked with Rhodesian Ridgebacks, but would assume he would have used them for.

Hope this is of some help, and please let me know if you want more info.

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Herne, Brian White Hunters: The golden age of African Safaris
Page Number: 202b
Extract Date: 1957

Tanganyika Tours and Safaris Ltd

Stan Lawrence-Brown, Dave Lunan's former partner, had set up shop at Arusha in 1957. Lawrence-Brown Safaris (Tanganyika) Ltd.'s main competitor was Russell Bowker Douglas, who owned Tanganyika Tours and Safaris Ltd.

Among hunters Russell's firm was affectionately known as Tanganyika Whores and Shauris Ltd. {shauri is Swahili for "ruckus" or "problem"). The firm's letterhead proudly announced, "By Appointment to H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands." Prince Bernhard, or P.B - as he is popularly known in the hunting fraternity, went on four hunting safaris with Douglas. Russell recalled, "P.B. was one of the finest sportsmen I ever met. He liked to take photographs, and would only shoot if an outstanding trophy was found. He actually shoots very little, but he loves safaris!"

Russell was a well-liked fixture in the Tanganyika hunting community. He was as much at home with royalty as he was with rednecks. Russell's firm was staffed with a fine team of young professionals.

[T.T. & S. Ltd.�s hunters: Bob Foster (for a time}, John Fletcher, Anton Allen, Nicky Blunt, Pat Hemingway, Jackie Carlyon, Neil Millar, David Williams, Don Rundgren, Mike Dove. and Chris "Tiger" Lyon.]

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