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Extract Author: Elizabeth Babault-Tremsal
Page Number: 2004 05 26

Researching Ren� Babault

I am french and I rechearch a member of my familly who was a great hunter of "Afriventures" his name is : Ren� Babault. My great father, Guy Babault (a great explorator), was his father (second mariage). If you have some news about him, or if you know how I can contact him or his familly, please send me a message. Thank you very much. Elizabeth Babault-TREMSAL

I have no special information about how to make personal contact with the Babault family.

In fact the only knowledge I have is from Brian Herne's book - and I am sure you find the extract from page380

If you can find a way to contact Brian Herne, he may have more information for you. You may be able to reach him through the publishers of the book.

Details at

Today I am departing for a visit to Tanzania, so I shall take your question with me and see if I can find out anything more.

Thank you very much for your kindness. I hope you will be able to get some information about them. I wish you a nice trip to Tanzania. Elizabeth.

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Herne, Brian White Hunters: The golden age of African Safaris
Page Number: 380
Extract Date: 1970


To meet the challenge, Kenya hunters Glen Cottar, Alfredo Pelizzoli, and Reggie Destro founded an alliance known as Afriventures in 1970. The group, all of whom headed their own established safari firms, eventually managed the largest number of concessions in Tanzania's unsurpassed big game country. Reggie Destro's calm and decisive personality combined well with Glen Cottar's exuberant enthusiasm and Alfredo Pelizzoli's shrewd business acumen. The Afriventures trio grew to include a diverse set of characters. Prince Alfi von Auersperg of Austria was invited to join the group, as was the Danish hunter Jens Hessel and the Frenchman Rene Babault. Completing the partnership were Englishman Derrick Dunn, Kenya-born brothers, David and Anton Allen, and Brian Herne.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Tom Lawrence
Page Number: 2008 07 15

Babault Family

There has been quite a bit of research on Guy Babault in Monty Brown's book 'RJ' about the professional hunter R.J. Cunninghame who took him out on safari.

I know that his grand-children from his son Rene still live in Kenya. I would be happy to see if I can locate them for you.

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