Navaya ole Ndaskoi

NAVAYA NDASKOI was born on 14 April 1974 on the foothills of mount Munduli, Tanzania. As a Maasai boy, he spent his childhood grassing the family livestock. At the age of ten he joined primary school. He gained admission to the seminary aspiring to become a priest but eventually changed. In 2001 he entered the University of Dar Es Salaam where he is currently reading Economics and Geography. He is the Co-ordinator of an informal group called Indigenous Rights for Survival International (IRSI). The group is a loose network of young people with an interest in public policy issues (from )

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Extract Date: 04/12/2002

Request for support to the Maasai community

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Request for support to the Maasai community.

Through your website I leant that you are An Information Resource for Northern Tanzania and that you might have come across anything I am looking for.

I am an undergraduate of the University of Dar Es Salaam doing a BA in Physical Resources i.e. majoring Geography and options in Economics and Development Studies.

On my private time, I do write articles to the local press mainly on environmental issues, development and donor aid (cuttings available on demand). Under the same spirit I am the Co-coordinator of an informal group called Indigenous Rights for Survival International (IRSI).

The group is a loose network of young people with an interest in public policy issues. We mainly discuss policy issues through emails communications and ultimately write articles in the local press. IRSI as an entity takes no position on any of the discussed issues instead it simply stimulates, steers, and co-ordinates discussions and debates on public policy issues of members´┐Ż interest.

Between June and September 2002, I did a self-sponsored research (though some friends and relatives support it in later stages) in Maasailand: Ngorongoro, Munduli, Simanjiro, Kiteto and Babati Districts of Arusha Region, Tanzania. These (see attachment) are the findings.

I have two requests. One, Perhaps you can give me a platform to present my findings in America (USA and Canada) and Western Europe (all or any of the following countries; Netherlands, Germany, UK and France). Two, if you can help to publish the findings of the said paper or at least help to find the willing publisher. I am saying this with an understanding of the power of the media, both print and electronic.

I understand that, tourism in Tanzania, and the whole policy of preservation in East Africa, could not be sustained, and therefore would not have brought harm to the indigenous people of east Africa, without the involvement of these countries. Because there are many international wildlife conservation organizations based in this part of the world, which are active in supporting and propping up the anti-people preservation strategies, which are pursued in Africa, Tanzania in particular.

These include organizations like the World Bank, African Wildlife Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, Friends of Animals, Green Peace, New York Zoological Society, USAID, Frankfurt Zoological Society, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, DfID, GTZ and many others.

They are all based in the Western World. These organizations have not come to recognize the link, the historical link, between indigenous culture and the survival of the wildlife heritage and other biological resources in the developing countries. They have in the other regions, but at least in our area, in east Africa, they still pursue the old approach, the colonial approach, which sets aside nature from people.

The preface and acknowledgement are at the end of the manuscript, after references.

I am at your disposal in case of comments and further details.

Kind regards,

Navaya ole Ndaskoi

P.O.Box 13357,

Dar Es Salaam.


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