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Evdemon, Mark Personal communication
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Extract Date: 1955

hitch hiking to Tanganyika

When we completed the Accounting school, we left Nairobi and hitch hiked back to Tanganyika. Our first ride was one third of our trip back home. Foolishly we left the village that we were dropped off at and started walking the dirt road, expecting to hike to Arusha on the next vehicle that came along. Unfortunately there was not much traffic that day and by nightfall we were still walking. We could hear lions and hyennas in the distance and we knew that we had made a bad mistake and it was too far to turn back by then. Luckily around 7:30 we saw headlights approaching. As luck would have it, a Greek fellow who knew us stopped and picked us up. What a relief that was! He took us to my friend's house where we stayed overnight. Next day his Dad drove me to my home in Moshi, at the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Time wise, this was early 1955 and fortunately I got an accounting job with Cooper Bros., a large English accounting firm. From time to time they would send a couple of us to another town to audit the books of various companies. It was a great experience staying at hotels and getting paid. 1956, my Dad died; he had a small grocery store. I left my job to look after the store. That was not a good decision but it was what happened.

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