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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Dave Ulyate
Page Number: 300
Extract Date: 28/06/2003

New Arusha Hotel

Received an email from Marjorie Borrisow (my cousin) about your web site.

The site is very interesting, I had actually seen extracts before somewhere along the line. The information on my Grandfather Ray Ulyate is of great interest seeing that he passed away when I was approx. 2 yrs old & so never knew him, but as a child I had the privilege of seeing many of the movies that he shot in the Serengeti etc & some of the comments brought back good memories.

The articles on the New Arusha Hotel are of great interest also, as like Marj. I also went to school at Arusha, and then worked there for 2 years after leaving school. During this time I had the great privilege of working in the Serengeti for 2 months.

In my collection of photo's I came across this old - very old one and think you may be interested in using it. It is of the New Arusha Hotel & judging by the billboard the date in the right hand top corner is May 3. The year must be 1935 as that was the year of King George V's Silver Jubilee. My brother Bryan worked as assistant manager in the 60's at the Hotel & was probably the last Ulyate to do so, as shortly thereafter my Aunt - Thora Barrat (Marion Langham's mother) sold the Hotel.

One of my fondest memories of the old hotel was an enormous painting on one wall in the main dining room. It was of Africa from Arusha to the Cape. There were others of animals these were all done by an artist who paid his board by doing so. I left Tanzania in 1967 & have not returned since.

My parents farmed at Sanya Juu not to far from where "Hatari" was filmed.

Enough said at the moment as time is of essence.


Dave Ulyate.

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nTZ Feedback
Page Number: 2004 12 30
Extract Date: 1955-58

Eric Six - Arusha School 1955 - 1958

My name is Eric Six, Geoff Jones gave me your website, and it was fascinating to read about folks about whom I had not thought in years, surprisingly I was more familiar with the adult names than fellow students. I attended Arusha 1955 to 1958, then went on to Iringa, where I stayed till it closed in1963. There were only a handful that saw the entire life of StM & StG. I completed High School at Prince of Wales in Nairobi.

For those that knew me in school it comes as a surprise that I eventually became a Neurosurgeon, as I have to confess being a fairly lousy student, being more familiar with the tacky, and cane or cricket bat (if you crossed HA Jones); than with prizes in the school magazine. I too was brought up in the bush, in Kiru Valley about 100 miles from Arusha on the way to Babati.( David you were familiar with North Lewis, they lived about 25 miles from us off the Singida road.) Hunting was a way of life on the farm, but after doing that much hunting as a youth, I shoot only with a camera now.

David, I noticed that Elizabeth Palfry also lives in Texas---- I would appreciate you giving her my web address if she would like to write. I am familiar with her Dad, through my parents of course. Funnily enough I also knew Pete Hugo, and a number of the farmers from the Olmolog area.

I was sitting here trying to recall the names of classmates from 50 years ago with little success.

Geoff Jones (BLs son),

Corky Morgan {Father's namesake the old man liked to pull on your ears.},

Gerald Hunwick, {TFA}

John Cashin {PWD},

Clara De Liva,

Paul Marsh,

David Ulyate {farm},

Leslie Hague {The Beehive Restaurant}

Bizarrely I cannot recall but the one girl!

(Fritz Jacobs, Erik Larsen.Klaus Gaitja, Alex Zikakis, Hannes Matasen, Ivo Santi Barry Jones Louis van Royen Kevin Legrange were on either side of us) I am told that George Angelides still lives in Arusha and has a great reputation as a hunter guide.

Do you remember that little dog of Hamshire's, the miserable devil loved to chase us, I happened to be amongst those she caught and got bitten by, I still have the scar..

Sorry about all the parentheses but saves a whole lot of explaining.

After independence my Dad built a number of hotels in Tanzania ,amongst them Lobo lodge, Ngorongoro crater lodge ( the hotel on the rim just before getting to the original rondavels) and rebuilt the hotel on manyara escarpment, those all happened in the late 60's. They also managed Hotels in Zanzibar, and Dar-- the New Africa and Kilimanjaro being better known.

Enough from me. Please remember to pass my address to Elizabeth.

Dear Eric,

I am just catching up with things after Christmas, and realise that I didn�t reply to your email from 30 November. However, I was away in Zambia for most of the month of December.

By bcc I am copying Elizabeth Palfry with your email, and shall leave it to her to get in touch with you.

Thanks for all your memories of Arusha and Tanzania. If you ever have time to write more, do please keep in touch. I hope to have your email up on the web site in the next few days. You will also be interested in a History of Arusha School (up to 1971) which will be available in full. I found it a fascinating read, and help me to understand some of the things that happened at the school, which made no sense to me back in 1953-57.

You mention the North-Lewis�s. I think that when we left Arusha in 1957 we gave them one of our dogs, which within a few weeks was eaten by a leopard!

Did you find the photo, probably of their home, at http://www.ntz.info/gen/n00452.html#04078. I seem to remember on that trip that a snake was found under our car, and it had to be shot before we could leave!

You mention Paul Marsh � my brother!

Thanks again for you memories � keep them coming

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