Gwynneth Latham

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Latham, Gwynneth and Latham, Michael Kilimanjaro Tales
Extract Author: Gwynneth Latham
Page Number: 190
Extract Date: 1900~

Lupa Goldrush

Chapter 12

Many Afrikaners (Dutch Boers) were exciled after the Boer War for refusing to take the oath of allegiance to the British Government in South Africa. By ox-wagon they had trekked up to Tanganyika, then German East Africa, where they were received with open arms by the wily Huns, who gave them land at Arusha.

This was not as a benevolent gesture, but so that they could be used as a buffer against the savage, marauding Masai warriors. They suffered sorely at the time, but after the Germans had tamed the Masai, by force and worse, the exiles were left in peace and found that they had been alloted the most fertile land in the country.

From Arusha and Moshi, with their lovely climates and beautiful permanent streams, came the best coffee, fruit, vegetables, the later mostly grown for their seed which was exported to wholesalers in South Africa.

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1995 Publishes: Latham, Gwynneth and Latham, Michael Kilimanjaro Tales

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