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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
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Ulyate family movements: Vivien

Vivien (my mother) married my father in 1935 in Nairobi. At the time father had left the Police. Both my Mother and Father were to manage the Namanga River hotel., Father was made a "Justice of the Peace" and "Game Warden" for southern Maasailand, which included what is now Amboseli National Park ( I have the original appointment papers.)

I was conceived during the Namanga period. Because of my pending birth and the remoteness of the area my father managed to land a job with Hugh's Motors in Eldoret as a salesman. After my birth Grand father Ray offered my mother the Lion Cub Hotel in Moshi. At the out-break of war my father joined the 1St Battalion 6th KAR

We moved to Moshi in the latter half of 1938. I was to spend most of my primary years in Moshi between the Lion Cub Hotel and Waru Waru Farm (EX CEP). After the war my mother was to purchase another farm in conjunction with Grand father Ray, they named the farm "Sunray" .My folk separated in 1946, my father returned to England. My mother was to re-marry in 1947.

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Bob Walker
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Coffee Tree Inn

In 1938 Grandfather Ray Ulyate bought the Coffee Tree Inn in Moshi and renamed it 'The Lion Cub'. My parents who were part owners were to manage the hotel during the war. It was sold in the early 50,s and renamed the Ridgeway Hotel. Today it is owned by the Lutheran Church and on the main was exactly as I remembered it. My mother was to do extensive alterations to the property when the family had it including setting up extensive gardens. During the war years it was watering hole for the local troops and those troops in transit from Southern Africa.

We had two African Grey parrots in the bar that were very adapt at picking up soldiers choice profound vernacular.

It is sad to note that on completion of the Stirling Astaldi road between Moshi and Arusha which was laid two to three kilometers south of the old orginal road. The Lion Cub was to suffer from lack of clients which forced its sale closure. It never ever recovered its previous trade especially after the construction and opening of the Livingstone Hotel in Moshi.

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Marjorie Borissow
Page Number: 101
Extract Date: 11/07/2003

Arusha School

Hi David

Many thanks for your very interesting email.

To answer a couple of your questions yes I am related to Marion Langham. She is my first cousin. Do pass on my email to her if you are in contact.

Our grandparents were Raymond and Marjorie Ulyate (nee Rooken-Smith). Their families were part of the original settlers that landed in South Africa in 1820. My grandfather and his family then went on and became some of the first pioneers around Kajabe in Kenya.

Grandpa started taking people out on safari in the early 1900's. He worked for Newlands & Tarlton He even gets a mention in Theodore Roosevelts Book "frican Game Trails" That was on the safari in 1910 .

Grandpa bought Meru Estate near Lake Duluti after the first world war. When enemy property farms were being sold (German). They had that until a Mr K V Painter - an American persuaded him to sell the farm and take over the New Arusha Hotel (It was built opposite "'old man Blooms Arusha hotel" )

Reading from some of Mums notes she remembers that they had The Prince of Wales (first name in the visitors book) attended the opening ball in 1928. So I guess it was around this time the hotel opened.

See the article I am sending. I have heaps of other bit and pieces.

Following are a couple of photos of the hotel and an original postcard with the sign that my Grandpa wrote. I even have a Coloured letterhead of the hotel written to my mother 26 July 1930 .

Raymond and Marjorie had six children.


Vivian (my mother who married Boris Borissow)

Thora (Marions Mother who married Oswald Barratt)


Malham &

Ted (William)

I think Malham & Ted went to the school and most of the offspring went to Arusha School at some stage.(About 32 of us)

Ted's Wife - Kay Ulyate ran the Sanitorium for a long time. Many a day was spent there with measles, chicken pox or whatever.

Grandpa sold the New Arusha Hotel to their daughter Thora Barratt and also sold their other hotel the Lion Cub at Moshi to my mother Vivian Borissow.

I am sure Marion knows heaps more of the history than I do. I was one of the babies in the family!

Sorry the photos of the school are not too good. Colour has faded. Bryn Jones is the man sitting down, on mount Meru also in the fancy dress photo. Remember those! The 2 sitting at the top were one of the teachers. I wil try and track down my autograph book and then I will be able to tell you some of the names of the teachers at that time. Mrs Bennett was the art teacher I think.

I am glad to hear all your news about the school. What on earth took you back to Arusha and remind me again where you presently live.

I have just spent an hour hunting around. So time has got away.

Take care and please keep in touch and I dont mind you passing on my email to anyone who may remember me.

Marjorie Borissow

PS I caught up with a video made from old cine film taken of one of grandpas safaris. Rare footage.

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Marion Langham
Page Number: 201
Extract Date: 24/06/2003

Ray Ulyate

Thank you so much for you email. It warms my heart to hear of people talking about Arusha, Moshi and of course Sanya Juu I wish I had been with you on your visit to Africa.

I will ramble a bit just writing what comes into my mind.

Ray Ulyate had six children four boys and two girls - My mother was Thora and Marjorie Borissow is the daughter of my mother's sister Vivian so we are cousins. I sent the URL of your Site to several of my cousins and may be that is how Marjorie found the Site. Ray's eldest son's (Jack) wife is still alive she lives in New Zealand and although she is either 90 or just off it she is very interesting and I am sure will be able to tell us why Ray built the hotel.

Did you see the clock just beside the hotel, it is in the "round about". Well Ray calculated that this was exactly half way between the Cape and Cairo and the center of East Africa (as it was then). I have in my possession writing paper from the New Arusha Hotel from the time when my parents owned it. I do know that my parents had to buy the hotel from Ray and found paying for it quite difficult. Dad went to the war and Mum had to run the hotel on her own. Why and how Ray built the Lion Cub Hotel in Moshi is a mystery. I think it was the nicer hotel of the two it had so much character. I remember the hotel totally every detail practically.

I have always wanted to collect information on the family and write a book, I think it is all so interesting. There is so much written about Kenya but there was a different side.

I will find out more for you but I sort of think that Ray built the hotel for one of his American White Hunting clients and when it was ready the person decided not to take it so Ray had to keep it.

I don't know about Kenyon but probably some relation and one of my uncles was called Kenyon I will be able to find out.

Out of curiosity, how did you get into al this?

For the moment.

Kind regards


PS Where do you live?

Dear Marion

Thanks so much for the "ramblings", and helping to piece things together. So many questions I could ask, but I'll wait to see what else you are able to uncover.

My friend from Arusha got back to say he knows Garagarua; it is basically below Kifufu (his father's farm) on the now non-existent Garagarua River. The farm is, sadly, basically extinct. He says that there is an old Greek farmer, Marios Gikas, who may remember back to the times when you where there - when did you leave?

As for me, I live in England, near Oxford. I gave up my "day job" three years ago so as to specialise in doing web site for safari companies. Really just an excuse to travel to Africa as often as I can. I was in Arusha this time primarily for a Tourism Trade Fair (and the cocktail party in the New Arusha!!), but I do about 8 web sites for people in and around Arusha (and more from other countries). Almost too many because it doesn't give me enough time to work on the nTZ web site.

You mention the Clock Tower - Another question I am trying to answer is to find out when the clock tower was built, and by whom. The note my mother wrote on a photo of the tower says "donated by a Greek", and others have suggested some possible names, but nothing definite. All part of the fun. Did you see the Coronation photos on the web site, which include a (slightly fuzzy) image of the tower with a huge crown on the top of it. The New Hotel uses the compass points as it's logo, and makes mention of the fact that this is because of it's position, but I couldn't see the sign which I remember from the 50's, or any more obvious use of the fact in the promotional stuff.

Thanks again, and I look forward to any more information and memories you may have.

Best wishes


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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Marjorie Borissow
Page Number: 112
Extract Date: 2005 03 14

The Coffee Tree Inn

Thank you again for all the wonderful work you have done on the website. It is quite amazing. I just had a look through all the latest feedback and there is so much from people that I was at school with. Jane Holten was definitely one of them so no doubt I am in that photo somewhere. I am sure that I still have many letters from Rolf Trappe too when I was at Loreto and he was overseas! Oh boy.. I must dig out that autograph book and give you some more names.

I was really interested in the feedback from Helen Grazier nee Goode about her grandfather and the clocktower. In her feed back she mentions the The Coffee Tree Inn, being built by him. My mother Vivian Walker- Nee Ulyate used to own that hotel and when she had it it was called "The Lion Cub Hotel" and I have a lovely old cine/video of the family around that home. It was of course my first home when I was born in the 1951.

Keep up the wonderful work and I have attached a couple more photos for your records. These are of the Lion cub in Moshi which I believe is now run as a backpackers hotel. (I have the actual photographs).

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Marjorie Borissow
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The Coffee Tree Inn

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
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The Coffee Tree Inn

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