J.O Kokwaro

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1976 Publishes: Kokwaro, J.O Medicinal Plants of East Africa

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traditional uses of Conyza pyrrhoppapa and Microglossa angolensis

I am senior lecturer at the university of Dschang in Cameroon. I am a chemist working on natural products. I was looking on the traditional uses of Conyza pyrrhoppapa and Microglossa angolensis; I obtained this information: Kokwaro J O, Medicinal plants of East Africa,1976; East African Literature Bureau. These plants are used to treat malaria and some gastric troubles.

Please can you give me the pages number referred to these plants (C.pyrr and M.angolensis):the firt and the last pages? And any other information?

Thank you in advance for your understanding

Unfortunately I don't think I have any information to help you.

I listed the book by Kokwaro on the web site after seeing it in the possession of a lady in New York, and don't have any more details, or access to a copy so as to give you more information about these plants - I presume that you are hoping for a scan of the relevant pages.

If I ever come across a copy to buy, I will keep your request in mind and get back to you.

Sorry not to be able to help any more at the moment.


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