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Page Number: 296
Extract Date: 15 Nov 2003

Figaro: Breathtaking display of amateur talents

The New Arusha Players wowed audiences last week with their latest play, Figaro�s Wedding; a farce based on the marriage of Figaro by the French playwright, Beaumarchais.

The story of the machinations surrounding Figaro�s marriage to his beloved Susanna, the play caught the audience�s attention from start to finish and delighted the packed audiences at ISM. The cast, all amateur actors, were directed by Michael Willis from Braeburn. He paid tribute to them,

"They are an amazingly talented group of people to work with and it was a joy to see them develop.

Some of the actors had never been on stage before and it was a polished performance in every respect, from the costumes and sets, to hairstyles and music."

The audiences loved the show and are eagerly awaiting the next performance by the New Arusha Players.

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