Bill Stirling

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Johnston, Erika The other side of Kilimanjaro
Page Number: 165
Extract Date: 1950's

A one-armed Etonian

Once we made up a party of Arthur [Cole], a friend of his, Bob Wilson, Bill Stirling (David's eldest brother), Sue Pretzlik, Brian and his brother-in-law, John Millard, who was also an old friend of Robin's and who had recently purchased Con Benson's farm.

Bill had also bought a farm at Ol Molog from its original owner, a one-armed Etonian who had taken little interest in his property. Bill owns land in other parts of Tanzania now, and this tall, heavily-built man was a stimulating addition to Ol Molog on his brief visits. He is always surrounded by an air of mystery, big-time business deals, and a restlessness which is disconcerting for he is always on the move. He was likely after a short while at Ol Molog to fly off to America to keep some appointment and to return within a few days. If we thought David could not keep his seat out of an aeroplane, we found him a novice compared with his brother.

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