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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Bob Walker
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Ulyate family movements: Vivien

Vivien (my mother) married my father in 1935 in Nairobi. At the time father had left the Police. Both my Mother and Father were to manage the Namanga River hotel., Father was made a "Justice of the Peace" and "Game Warden" for southern Maasailand, which included what is now Amboseli National Park ( I have the original appointment papers.)

I was conceived during the Namanga period. Because of my pending birth and the remoteness of the area my father managed to land a job with Hugh's Motors in Eldoret as a salesman. After my birth Grand father Ray offered my mother the Lion Cub Hotel in Moshi. At the out-break of war my father joined the 1St Battalion 6th KAR

We moved to Moshi in the latter half of 1938. I was to spend most of my primary years in Moshi between the Lion Cub Hotel and Waru Waru Farm (EX CEP). After the war my mother was to purchase another farm in conjunction with Grand father Ray, they named the farm "Sunray" .My folk separated in 1946, my father returned to England. My mother was to re-marry in 1947.

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Bob Walker
Page Number: 504n
Extract Date: 1930-1950's

Ulyate family members that attended Arusha School

Malham Ulyate, Early 1930.s 1935 Awarded "Victor Ladorum" for sporting achievements, Name still on the sports plaque in the dinning hall

Edward Ulyate,(Ted) Early 1930,s 1935 Awarded "Victor Ladorum" for sporting achievements. Name still on the sports plaque in the dinning hall.

Robert Walker (Christopher) 1944-49.

Nigel Borissow 1950,s

Jocelyn Borissow 1950,s

Marjorie Borissow 1950,s

Michael Borissow 1950,s

Donald Ulyate 1950,s

June Ulyate 1950,s

Brenda Ulyate 1950,s

Mrs. Kay Ulyate (Matron) 1950,s

Robin Ulyate 1950,s

Phyllis Ulyate 1950,s

Sally Ulyate 1950,s

Valarie Ulyate 1950,s

Brian Ulyate 1950,s

David Ulyate 1950,s

(Not a complete list)

Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate) Lolly wrote saying "I would like to be named as another ULYATE who attended Arusha School 1963 - 1968."

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Bob Walker
Page Number: 500
Extract Date: 24/10/2003

My family lived in Northern Tanzania

Mr Marsh, Hi

Here is some more information you may add to your site.

In my possession are numerous bits of information on Northern Tanzania. Some of the comments by others on the site are not truely accurate. My family lived in Northern Tanzania from 1923 - to nationalisation in 1973 some fifty years. Should you require further information I would be only too happy to oblige.

Kind Regards.

Bob Walker

Dear Bob

Please forgive me because it is nearly a month since you sent me your amazing email, so full of interesting information.

I have only recently returned from a trip to Tanzania, and Arusha, and since then have been overwhelmed by all the work I have had to catch up on.

Your email has given me a new impetus to update the web site. I�ve got lots of new information to add, much of which I picked up on the recent trip. The more answers one finds, the more questions get raised.

I went round the New New Arusha Hotel (now renamed as the Arusha Hotel). It's OK, and I�m sure it will do well, but it looks much like any other hotel in the world, and I�m sure lacks much of the appeal that the older building retained. But they�ve kept a fair bit of the gardens, still going down to the Themi river, and we had an entertaining half hour being shown round by the head gardener, who proudly identified all the flowering plants that he had planted, but who couldn�t remember the name of the massive tree right by the side of the road and the new buildings, which fortunately they have managed to retain.

When in Arusha I met David Read, who has written several biographies about his life and times, including being at Arusha School before the war. I�m sure you or your family will remember him. He was able to answer a question I have had for a long time - who built the clock tower, and when. According to David it was just after the war (II) by a Greek man called Gallanos.

Another man I would love to know more about is Kenyon Painter, who you mention in your accounts. There is some information about him already on the web site. I saw a memorial stained glass window to him, on the left of the sanctuary in Christ Church Arusha ("To the glory of God and in memory of Kenyon Vickers Painter who died 20th March 1940"). Perhaps it was your family that donated the window.

I hope to have another update of the web site done before the end of the year, and I thank you again for sending me so much interesting information, and allowing me to use it.

With best wishes


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