Jean-Claude Dubois

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Hutchinson, Mrs. J.A. (Editor) Kilimanjaro
Page Number: 143
Extract Date: 11 March, 1962

Three French Parachutists Land on Kilimanjaro

(Information kindly supplied by the French Embassy, Dar es Salaam.)

On 11th March, 1962, three French parachutists, Jean-Claude Dubois, Bernard Couture, and Jean-Claude Camus, all aged 25, beat the record for the highest parachute drop by landing in the crater of Kilimanjaro, less than 50 yards from the Dropping Zone. Although their attempt was delayed by technical difficulties (finding a plane capable of flying high enough, waiting for the ground rescue team, etc.) the dump itself went without incident. B. Couture and J. C. Camus, who are both medical doctors, studied the repercussions on the human organism of the abrupt change in altitude. Having landed in the crater about midday, the three parachutists immediately began the descent and arrived at Marangu Hotel at one o'clock in the morning.

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