N.Z. Dala

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Arusha School Headmasters
Extract Date: 1979-80

N.Z.Dalal AG

Arusha School Headmaster

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Extract Author: Susan Alyce Oyoo
Page Number: 2007 04 09
Extract Date: 1986-1991

Susan Alyce Oyoo: Arusha School 1986-1991

I was browsing through the net and thought I reach out and search for info on my former primary school. I am so amazed at how much lotso former pupils have managed to make contact, as most still visit,others plan to do so in the long run.

I was in Arusha school between 1986-1991, I so enjoyed my time there and infact miss the good old days very much. I now live in the United Kingdom, I last visited Tanzania in 2004 but was in Dar es Salaam.

I remember my best teacher (as we students used to rank), was Mr Sawaki, as well as he being my class teacher in my P7. I met Mr Dalal (tall) on my way to Dar, and was so surprised he still remembered me very well....Its also good to know a few people like Ms Ngowi are still there, unfortunatly sad some past away, bless them!

I have but all in vain, been trying to get in contact with one of my old school friends, Linda Maita. Does any one know where she is or how i could get in contact with her. I also would like to get in contact with Emili Mwenewanda, if any one can help, we got confirmed together at Christ Church, still have a foto of us together.

I would love to link up with most of the former people i was with especially during P6 and P7. i am shocked but amazed to hear the tortois's still there, alive and kicking. I mean, they were very old the time i was there!

I have taken an interest in this and will eventually get my self to reading and knowing alot more about tortois's as living creatures.

Everyone involved in making this site happen, Your doing a very great job and thanks to you all. Reading a few feed backs, i noticed a name thats so familair, Fiona Musana..Our families knew each other. i hope some day i will be able to meet all the people i intend to, through your help.

Keep up the good job and the good spirit going!

Many Thanks!

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