R.H. Mlay

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Arusha School Headmasters
Extract Date: 1972-75


Arusha School Headmaster

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Extract Author: Kaidi Jones (Bowden)
Page Number: 2008 07 28
Extract Date: 1974-76

Arusha Primary School 1974-76

I love the messages from former students of Arusha Primary School! I know several of them and even have some pictures!

I was a teacher there for 2 years 1974 - 1976. My name is Kaidi Jones, at the time my last name was Bowden. I now live in Los Angeles with my husband and 2 sons.

I am probably one of the only African Americans to ever teach there(?) I remember Kirit Patel and have a picture of him on the large tortoise.

I remember Rashna and taught her how to do the New York hustle. I even sponsored one the the students, Abdul Adam to the United States. I also remember many of my collegues (including Headmaster Mlay) although the students stand out most in my mind.

I loved that school and all of the students. If any of the students would like to contact me, please pass along my email address. I would love to hear directly from someone.

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