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http://www.globaled.com/authors.html : David Nettelbeck Whitefriars College, Australia David Nettelbeck conducts workshops in schools across Australia for primary and secondary teachers interested in using computers as a rich teaching, learning and thinking tool. He teaches English part time at Whitefriars College and was formerly Director of Staff Professional Development and Head of English at St Michael's Grammar School in Melbourne. Prior to this, David was involved in teacher training in Tanzania as well as being Headmaster of two International Schools there. He has a particular interest in the implications of new technologies for teaching and learning processes across the curriculum. He believes that all subjects are being transformed by digital literacies with access to vastly increased and up-to-date resources, mixed media and the opportunity to work in a paperless environment. This inevitably brings new challenges for classroom discipline and organisation and a new paradigm for teaching and learning.

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Arusha School Headmasters
Extract Date: 1970-72


Arusha School Headmaster

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Extract Author: Michael Chessman
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Extract Date: 1971-

Michael Chessman - Arusha School - early 197-'s

This school was formative for my schooling in the best sense of British idealism given the great staff there mainly from Australia - the very brilliant Mr. David Nettelbeck our Headmaster and others under his command. I was called Mohamed back then as an adoptee first name although it was indeed inappropriate as it turned out and had to be shrugged off entirely as I came to my senses altogether in this regard.

I now lead the Euro British Coalition, based in Canada that aims for a Euro entity to come into being under the Irish/Australians in fact on the Euro continent of course!

Later (18 April 2008):

I was there early seventies 1971- and in fact Nettlebeck had left at the end of my stay at the school, having been replaced by an indeginous personal from the army, a sergeant in fact. (as such Mr. Nettlebeck was no longer at the school by the mid seventies)

I was awarded the prize for Mathematics and for Drama elocution in addition by Mr. Nettlebeck personally. I was also top speller!

I was also dorm leader during my time there. I once fractured my leg in a soccer mishap and Mr. Nettlebck had to drive to the capital to obtain some plaster of paris for the local hospital to apply!

I have been in touch with David Nettlebeck, who made contacts recently

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1974 Publishes: Nettelbeck, David A history of Arusha School, Tanzania

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Extract Author: Nettelbeck, David C
Extract Date: 1974

A history of Arusha School, Tanzania

THESES record number: T1053

Title: A history of Arusha School, Tanzania

Author: Nettelbeck, David C.

Award: M.Ed.

Department: Education

Thesis: Thesis

University: University of Adelaide

Year: 1974

Location: SAEM RARE 371.009678 N473H


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Nettelbeck, David A history of Arusha School, Tanzania
Page Number: 00
Extract Date: 1974

A history of Arusha School, Tanzania

Follow the link for a full version of the History - PDF file - 96 pages 320KB.

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