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Extract Author: Oliver J Cordell
Page Number: 2004 08 02

Oliver J Cordell - Arusha School 1947-1950

what a great website . Just discovered it and am exhausted from extended read , so shall keep short my connexion . My father was rector at the church for the above period and built the hall / extension himself , even to the point of making the concrete blocks himself by hand .

He had first come to tanganyika as a missionary in '27/ '28 and spent most of his time in dodoma . Arusha was a stint / perk to give missionaries a bit of a break from the grind of life in the 'interior '

life was great then , and the site brings back countless memories

I came back to arusha in '60 for a swahili course at tengeru prior to posting to shinyanga as a district officer (cadet) .remember I had to talk my way out of a fight with john wayne's standin after having cast a lewd look at elsa martinelli during a party at the new arusha hotel ! ! ! .

Climbed meru to the top w/o a guide , relying on memory of my first school ascent in '49 (?) when I all but reached the top . Was pretty pleased with myself .

Last visit to arusha was '66 . Wd love to get back again and often wonder about the old families who lived in the area , figenschous , eckhardts , michaeledes , horns and so on ! !

After two yrs in shya joined the australian foreign service till '93. now live in sweden with second wife and new family ! !

Am sending this web address to karin blowers /ne" drews who lives in qld australia and is interested in catching up with old students from our time .

Grettings to all ex arusha hands . Oliver J cordell


I�m trying to catch up with nTZ web site things, and find that I neglected to reply to your email. Please forgive me that so much time has elapsed.

In fact, your email has reminded me of so many things which I�d love to dig out to show you and put on the web site. But I�ve been very busy, and am now trying to prepare for a trip to Arusha next week to help develop a web site.

I�ll try to write again soon, and send you a plan of the rectory - hand drawn by my father (rector 1953-57), plus photos of the boards in the church recording the rectors, including your fathers name.

Presume you�ve found the DVD of Hatari. The New Safari Hotel has been completely rebuilt, and is owned by the Lutheran Church, and the bar is dry! More memorabilia of the film is found in the, also rebuilt, New Arusha Hotel. I recently met an old Safari Guide from Nairobi who had America clients with him in Arusha when the filming was taking place. They were in the Safari Bar when John Wayne came in, and all the women were awe struck. The guide persuaded John Wayne to go over and say hello to his clients. And that was the highlight of their African Safari - they talked about nothing else for the next 10 days, with little interest in the animals!

I know only two people in the Area who have been there since the fifties. They may remember some of the names you mentions, but I suspect that most people have moved on.

I�ll be in touch again, as soon as I can.


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Christ Church Arusha
Extract Date: 1946-50

Cordell, O.T.

Chaplain of Christ Church Arusha

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