Dipak Patel

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Extract Author: Dipak Patel
Page Number: 2004 01 06
Extract Date: 1969-1974

Dipak Patel - Arusha School 1969-1974

My brother and I were students at Arusha School from 1969 to 1974. My brother (Kirit Patel) was six and I was eight years of age when our parents boarded us on to the East African Bus service chartered by the School in Iringa. From then on the next seven years were an adventure. Our home was in Tukuyu and the trip to School was a three day trip. Every three months we would go home for a month and then back again. Coming across your web sight took me back to the most interesting part of my life. I thank you for the information and look forward to hearing from more of my fellow students. My brother and I reside in the USA now. Thanks you

Dipak Patel

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Extract Author: Sam Ismail
Page Number: 2008 06 05
Extract Date: 1970 to 1975

Sam Ismail - Arusha School - 1970 to 1975

Arusha School - The best!!!

Thanks on a most amazing web site. I was at Arusha School from 1970 to 1975 and saw many many names of people I fondly remember. In fact all my brotheres and sisters were there too - Francis, Lucy, Flora and David.

Can you please let me know how I can get in touch with people who were at Arusha School? In particular I would like to get in touch with Kirit Patel, Dipak Patel, and Rashna Hackett (Jiwany)

Once again congratulations on an excellent web site.

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Extract Author: Rashna Hackett (Jiwany)
Page Number: 2004 10 29

Rashna Jiwany - Arusha School 1974-1977

I was in Arusha School Between 1974 and 1977. I have very many fond memories of the school. I have been looking for Maxine Hayward Shott. The last I heard she was somewhere in Guernsey. Maxine's father was living up in the Usambara mountains (tea plantation).

Maxine I have never stopped thinking about you, if any one knows her whereabouts please, please get in touch.

Rashna Hackett (Jiwany)

Fantastic site!!! Keep up the good work

[then later the same day]

Wonderful site got all emotional. Looking for Maxine hayward shott. Please get in touch!!!! also please pass my email to Dipak and kirit Patel, i remember them very well.



[then later]

From: Patel, Dipak

Sent: 15 November 2004

Subject: RE: nTZ web site and contacts


Thank you for forwarding the information about Rashna. It's good to see the site growing. I remember Anoop Shah from my period at the school. Rashna I remember the name however can not put a face to the name. Would you be kind and forward this e-mail to Rashna. I will try and contact her directly. Keep the good work. I have some copies of the yearly school magazine. I plan to scan the pictures and the articles for you.



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Extract Author: Richard Hatter
Page Number: 2005 07 25

Been 2 years since I checked out the website.

Interesting to see 2 new names I recall well KIRTI Jani I recall very well, and I want to contact him please.

Secondly Dipak Patel.

I also came across an Old Arushan Greg Dogan who was there a few years after I had left but amazingly we work for the same company´┐Żand met up in Dalian China recently and discovered we both went to Arusha.

Please CAN YOU PASS MY DETAILS ON TO Kirti and Dipak and the attached recent picture.

PS I have loads of movie film of the school nativity play, with BL Jones the tortoise etc.My dad took it on an old cine-camera and I have managed to save it and put it on VCD

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