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Arusha Times
Extract Author: by Arusha Times Reporter
Page Number: 313
Extract Date: 25 March 2004

Arusha Node Marie braces to improve internet services

Run by AFAM Limited, the Arusha Node Marie Internet services are operated under a non profit-making organisation, which was formed by 12 local members in 1994.

Marie Benson, whose name the society has adopted, donated her telephone line to ANM during those mid-nineties days, when it was almost impossible to acquire a telephone line.

Since then, ANM has grown from 12 to over 800 members and is the first and only Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Arusha to date that provides free services to community-based institutions like schools, hospitals libraries and community centres.

So far, a total of 18 such institutions, among them 12 schools, 2 hospitals, One museum, a local library, a church mission and community centre, are benefiting under this philanthropic service.

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