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Extract Author: Allen Moore
Page Number: 2004 04 27
Extract Date: 1974-1979

Allen Moore - Arusha School - 1974-1979

Dear David,

Thanks for such a wonderful website. I have, during periods of my life, experienced great home sickness for Arusha (now being one of those times). I was only there from sometime around 1974 to 1979 (I would have been age 3-8) and I have lived a number of places since then. But I guess in my heart I consider Arusha home. We lived in a big two story colonial house across the street from the Gymkata club on Churchhill Road. Visiting is not an option for me right now so I turn to the internet to fill the homesickness looking for pictures and information about "home". I have spent quite a bit of time reading through the information you have compiled. It has helped me to remember things long forgotten about my childhood. And I have learned a great deal about a town of which I was woefully ignorant when I lived there.

I attended Arusha school while in Arusha. I can't say that I remember much of it (the tortise is about all really). I can't even remember any of the folks I attended school with or my teachers. But I have a sense of fondness when I think of it so it must have been a good experience for me. I actually have more distinct memories of the nursery school I went to (On Churchhill Road I believe) than I do of Arusha school.

My parents have a large collection of photographs from the area. My brother and I are planning on scanning them and creating a digital library for posterity. When we get it done I will see if I have any particularly interesting ones that might be of value to your collection.

Allen Moore

Plano TX, USA

Thanks for your kind comments about the web site. It's good to seeing it being appreciated by a growing number of people that have associations with Arusha, and especially the school.

I just wish I had more time to spend on it, and keep it up to date. In due course I hope to learn how to update it in real time, instead of having to regenerate it, and upload the complete web site. And then there are still lots more photos I�d like to add. And maybe set up a bulletin board so you can post comments on-line.

If you do manage to scan in any photos, do please remember the web site. I�m sure there will be many who will be interested in sharing them with you.

I would like to volunteer my services to help you with the web site. I have a great deal of experience with web technology and would like to be able to contribute to your project. Even if it is simply helping to determine what technologies would be best to accomplish what you want. Like you, I have a full time job and a family to take care of but I can certianly find some time to help. Please let me know if there is something I can do.

Thanks for your great offer.

At the moment I use an Access Database, and over the years I�ve developed Vbasic code to generate all the HTML pages from the Database.

The host I use doesn�t support windows/Access, and anyway I�m not sure that Access is the best solution for an on-line database. I�ve recently upgraded to a hosting package which supports MySQL.

So, my intention is to migrate to a MySQL database, and write PHP code to generate the pages dynamically.

For a bulletin board, I would use a public domain PHP solution. I�ve seen many I don�t like, but haven�t yet researched an optimal solution. Ideas here would be welcome.

I have a reasonable understanding of web technologies - nearly all self taught, but done so with a background of over 30 years in the IT business. I�m currently supporting about 24 web sites which I have developed for clients and friends. My clients are nearly all African Safari operators, or Lodges, and the reason for choosing this niche market was to give me the opportunity to go and visit - some 14 trips to Africa in the last 4 years. If only I could resist taking on new work, then I�d find more time for the nTZ project!

I�ve started learning PHP in the last few months, and am getting ready to tackle MySQL - I have a client who asking me to convert a small Access database, so it will be good preparation for the big one.

If you have time, any comments you have on the layout of the web site, and the ease of use would be very welcome. Even if I can�t easily change now, I can bear it in mind for the dynamic project.

Otherwise, I think the best contribution will be content. Do get scanning those photos!!

By the way, did you find my map of Arusha which I think I drew when I was about 10 years old. Churchhill Road clearly marked, and the Gymkhana Club And maybe your house, although I don�t think the buildings represent actual plots. We drove round that loop some 10 years ago, and last year I walked across the playing field (shown in green and labeled 1 on my map). It seemed much smaller than my memories of it as a kid.

I had fun last year visiting the International School in Arusha, and talking to a class of 10 year olds who were doing a "Map Project", and showing them this map and a set of photos taken some 50 years ago. They had no concept of what 50 years meant, but were fascinated by the old photos.

Thanks again for your offer

PS looking at the dates you were in Arusha (1974-79) leads me to ask if your parents were involved at all in the Church (Christ Church). There was a new priest there in 1978 (Chris Stott) who, of all the co-incidences in the world, is now the priest in our local village church in England. Perhaps they would remember him. My parents went back to Arusha in 1978 also, and that's why a few of the photos are from that time.

I agree that you don't want to try and use Access for your backend. Access is notorious unstable in multi-user environments and it is much slower than MySQL. MySQL and PHP would have been my first choice as well. I have a website that I built for my brother that I have been thinking about converting to Data-driven for some time ( ). I intend to use MySQL and PHP for that.

I will look around for some PHP bullentin board. If you can tell me which ones you DON'T like, or what things you don't like about them then I can direct my evaluation a little better.

I will think about the layout. Actually, I it seems pretty good the way it is. But if I have any thoughts I will let you know.

Yes, I did find your map. What a great treasure to have kept all these years! In fact, I was looking for a map of Arusha some months back on the web and that is what led me to your site to begin with.:)

We did not attend Christ Church when in Arusha. My parents were actually working with the Baptist mission teaching at the seminary just north of Arusha. In an unusal turn of events though my wife and I started attending 'Christ Church', Bangkok a few years ago when we were living in Thailand. I was confirmed there and when we returned to the U.S. in 2001 we started attending 'Christ Church' Plano, which is a conservative Episcopal church (I feel I must qualify that with all that is going on in the Episcopal church these days). So I have every intention of visiting 'Christ Church' Arusha when next I have the chance to return there even though I understand now it is primarily a Swahili speaking fellowship.

I know that my father, Eucled Moore, was invited to preach at Christ Church, Arusha on occasion so it is very probably that he knew and was acquainted with Chris Stott (any relation to John Stott?).



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Extract Author: Aileen Mallya
Page Number: 2004 05 26
Extract Date: 1990's

Aileen Mallya - Arusha School 1990's?


well i guess i fall in a younger generation of Arusha School Alumni, but all in all.. comning across this site really made my day. It's lovely to read all the beautiful memories people have of Arusha school.

Well, just to let those who were there in the 70s and 80s, some teachers are still there today, the likes of Ms Ngowi, Ms Walala, Mr Kaale and they are still going strong...

Our darling Tortoise is still going strong too...

As for Allen Moore, the old colonial house you lived in is still there...i live in the same area...

i hope you will soon be able to establish an official alumni site.

keep up the good work!

All the best.


Aileen Mallya

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