Antonia Bujalska

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Colwell, Christine Personal communication
Extract Author: Christine Colwell
Page Number: 2004 08 26
Extract Date: 2004 08 26

My aunt Antonina nee Bujalska

Have read through a number of very interesting articles related to Tengeru. However, wish to say that my aunt Antonina nee Bujalska was in Tengeru. She, her sister, cousins and mother were all there for a number of years from 1942 on. My "Ciocia Tosia" died last year in September at the age of 90 and left me photos of her years in Africa. Should you be interested in these I would be very pleased to "zap" you some on the e-mail.

One aspect does puzzle me - who established the camp in Tengeru and who was in charge of daily administration and financing"

I appear to be learning a great deal more from the internet sites rather than from the tales my aunt provided - I was always so careful not to upset her or ask an inappropriate question.

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