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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
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Sanya Juu

Ray�s eldest son my late Uncle Jack was initially to help in the running of the New Arusha Hotel. He also started and managed a Bus Service between Arusha and Nairobi, A horrendous trek in those days.

He was to meet his wife The Lady Hilda Borrick during that period. They married and moved to a ranch (CEP Enemy Property farm) at Sanya Juu. Because of her pregnancy and malaria attacks affecting my Aunt Hilda they were forced to leave Sanya Juu for Nykuru in Kenya. I distinctly remember this period of my life .Probably my earliest recollection which must have been in 1939- 1940.

The farm was located in thick bush. The house was typically German colonial style built out of local rock. It was some where below John Goodman�s farm and Sanya Juu. Possibly "Bob the Poles" ranch before nationalization took place in 1973.

I never returned to that particular farm since childhood

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: John Goodman
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Hello David,

Just discovered one of your great websites - nTZ. I found it fascinating having lived in Tanganyika on and off from 1948-64 (Mwanza, Tabora (twice), Arusha and Dar (several times). Taught briefly at Soni (1961) and went to St Mary's in Nairobi (1949-60). It is an excellent, however, I have a couple of comments which you might find useful.

It is very well set up and the simple style excellent, once you get used to it. However, to the uninitiated it doesn't seem to have an obvious introduction ie 'home page'. I think this is a pity because I feel that some folks could come across the site and not having time to delve a bit deeper, could miss a lot and leave without contributing.

With some difficulty, I have now found what I think is the beginning - it's a bit like a treasure hunt and treasure it is! However, unless you have some very good reason (and maybe you have) it is a shame to miss those who, lacking persistance, might not have got so much out of it.

Not long ago, at the Edinburgh branch of the Britain-Tanzania Association we had a meeting in which members and friends were invited to bring along books about Tanzania and talk for a few minutes about them (this included some of the authors of same). An interesting time was had by all and one member has compiled a bibliography. If you are interested, let me know and I shall pass the information on - you may get some additions to the site.

I have a few books on Tanzania and in due course could let you have details if you wish. Some are quite old like the ones by the 'Hermit' from Rufiji, others booklets on game and the country published by such as Shell and one a classic entomology book by a famous tropical beekeeper (now in Australia but for many years in Tabora and Arusha).

The beekeeper has published several interesting books as has his wife.

I don't have the authors of all the books to hand as I write this, neither have I had a chance to see if you already have them listed.

Others are about school days in Tanganyika and Kenya, one quite recent - the publishers hope to produce a follow up and may be looking for contributors. In the mean time, keep up the good work.

Best wishes,

John Goodman

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nTZ Feedback
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Charles Didham. Arusha School 1958-1960

My parents Major Richard and Lallie Didham had a farm in Sanya Juu from 1951 until 1961. We were neighbors to Bill and Nana Seitz, The Barratts and The Goodmans, I remember the children well. We used to get together on special occasions like birthdays and have huge parties. One time at our house a match found its way into the box of fireworks, what followed was like W.W. 3 for about thirty seconds!

I also went to Arusha School from 1958 until 1960. Interestingly enough I went back there in January this year to show my wife and children where I was raised. It was a very nostalgic trip. I met David Read for lunch one day and we reminisced about the old days but also were enthusiastic about the future. I would like to reestablish contact with anyone who in interested.

Charles Didham

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