Ossie Barratt

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Bob Walker
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Beautiful gardens

Grandfather Ray�s other daughter and her husband Ossie Barratt were to help with the management and running of the New Arusha Hotel during the latter half of the 30,s and into the 40,s

Granny Anne and daughter Thora developed the outstanding beautiful gardens of the hotel on completion of the building phase during the 30,s. Many of the plants came from the Ammani Research station located in the Usambara Mts near Tanga. I would often see Granny Anne and Thora working in that garden. A vivid recollection of that period was the number of fiery ants in the garden. Always getting bitten by them. Hop scotch was the name of the game.

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Extract Author: Margaret Thompson
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Ray R. Ulyate

I think I read somewhere in the notes on Ray R. Ulyate, my Grandfather, that the Name of Kenyon was not known. This was the Name of my Uncle "Ken" who had a farm on the slope of Kilimanjaro, just West of Sanya Juu. Ken had been one of Ray's right hand men on his safaris, but after the war went farming. He bred Frisian cattle.

Most interested in this site as I was looking for information for my own purposes

Margaret Thompson

Eldest daughter of Thora Barratt (nee Ulyate)

and Oswald H. Barratt.

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Extract Author: Pat Brown
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Genealogy and ancestors of Oswald Horner Barratt

I came across your website while doing a Google search for information on Barrats and South Africa.

I was a third cousin of Thora Ulyate's (Robert Valentyne Ulyate married Julia Hephzibah Brown, my first cousin thrice removed) and I have been trying to find more information about Oswald.

The reason is two-fold. Firstly his ancestry is a bit of a mystery and I love solving mysteries. The second is that my wife is also a Barratt and I have been trying to determine if there is any relatuionship between the two families.

Her grandfather, William Stredder Barratt moved from the Transvaal to the Eastern Cape (Graaf Reinet) just before the Anglo Boer War and was a successful ostrich farmer until the crash in the feather market.

We have battled for years to piece together her family tree and I have managed to put together quite an extensive tree but I still have some loose ends to tie up. One of these is Oswald and the other is Albert Barratt who moved from the Ficksburg area of the Free State to the Eshowe area of Natal.

I would be grateful if you could help me expand my research or put me on to someone who can help.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Greg Taylo
Page Number: 2008 05 13

For Pat Brown: Regarding Oswald Horner Barratt

I found your query regarding the lineage of Oswald Horner Barratt and William Stredder Barratt. I believe I have a link between the Stredders and Barratts:

A Frederic Reeves Barratt married an Elizabeth Stredder in London in 1845. They had at least eight children (Maryanne (1847), Alfred (1853), David (1855), Septimus (1857), Frederica (1859), Felicia (1861), Georgiana (1863), Harry (1869)).

Please contact me if it seems one of these might be your connection.



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