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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Bob Walker
Page Number: 504h
Extract Date: 1940's

Memories of the New Arusha Hotel

My memories of the New Arusha Hotel were;

A lounge over looking a sunking dinning room. Above the lounge was my Grand parents accommodation, Either side of the lounge and in the dinning room were placed original photographs taken by wild life naturalist Cherry Kearton. The first ever Flash light photographs depicting a Lion and Rhino were amongst the photographs displayed there.

The dinning room walls had a painting of the whole of the East African valley designed by Grand father Ray and painted by a down and out painter looking for work. It was commissioned during the depression years.

The verandah of the hotel over looked the car park. Often seen Safari Trucks and farmers vehicles parked outside especially during lunch times. Wednesdays were farmer's Market days when produce was laid out on tables to be sold. In those days The New Arusha Hotel was always a hive of activity.

Outside the Hotel was a signed board marking the centre of the East African Territories and half way between Cape to Cairo.

A very large wild fig tree branch taken from Meru Estate was planted on the corner of the Hotel. It grew into an enormous tree.

The Hotel was sold to the African Tours and Hotel Group in 1947. Ray and Anne Ulyate moved to the Lion Cub Hotel to be with my Mother. Grand father was suffering from ill health at the time and was to pass away in 1948

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: anon
Page Number: 107
Extract Date: 1953

'Piece of History' to vanish

cutting sent by Marjorie Borissow

The news that the New Arusha Hotel is to be rebuilt has met with a certain sadness as well as pleasure.

Of course, the town is pleased that the African Tours and Hotels Ltd. has so much faith in the future of the tourist industry that it is willing to go on with the plans to rebuild the hotel and spend somewhere in the region of "110,000 in the process.

The sadness comes with the disappearance of a "piece of history". How changed life will be when it is no longer possible to sit on the verandah of the "New A" and watch the world go by as one waits for a friend or a bus or just waits!

Royal Reception

Thousands of tourists and V.I.P.'s have passed through the New Arusha and hundreds of dances and dinners have been held there. The first function held in fact took place before it was opened - a dance and reception for the Prince of Wales in December, 1927, the hotel being officially opened the following January.

The New owner was Mr. K.V. Painter an American who leased it to Mr Ray Ulyate. The name New Arusha arose because there had already been an Arusha Hotel across the road owned and run by Jane and Goodall Bloom.

Mr Ulyate started what is believed to be the first safaris by camera at the hotel when he formed his Tanganyika big game and tourist organisation, offereing a seven-day photographic safari in the Serengeti.

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