Vivien Walker

nee Ulyate

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Bob Walker
Page Number: 504k

Ulyate family movements: Vivien

Vivien (my mother) married my father in 1935 in Nairobi. At the time father had left the Police. Both my Mother and Father were to manage the Namanga River hotel., Father was made a "Justice of the Peace" and "Game Warden" for southern Maasailand, which included what is now Amboseli National Park ( I have the original appointment papers.)

I was conceived during the Namanga period. Because of my pending birth and the remoteness of the area my father managed to land a job with Hugh's Motors in Eldoret as a salesman. After my birth Grand father Ray offered my mother the Lion Cub Hotel in Moshi. At the out-break of war my father joined the 1St Battalion 6th KAR

We moved to Moshi in the latter half of 1938. I was to spend most of my primary years in Moshi between the Lion Cub Hotel and Waru Waru Farm (EX CEP). After the war my mother was to purchase another farm in conjunction with Grand father Ray, they named the farm "Sunray" .My folk separated in 1946, my father returned to England. My mother was to re-marry in 1947.

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