Kenyon Ulyate

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
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Ulyate family movements: Kenyon Ulyate

Kenyon Ulyate, Ray's second son on cessation of the Safari Company joined the East African military command.

Because of his knowledge of East African farming conditions he was appointed office in-charge of the wheat scheme in the Ngare Nairobi -West Kilimanjaro area. Using Italian POW,s vast tracks of land was plowed and planted up with wheat using Farmall Equipment from America. With the ending of the war Kenyon was allocated 5000 acres of farm land by the then colonial government.

The family was to stay there until nationalization took place in 1973. The family moved to the Natal region of South Africa, while two of his children moved to Kenya and Scotland.

Ray's third son the late Malham Ulyate left Arusha for the UK in 1939. During the war he worked for De Havilland on the Mosquito bomber. While there he married an English girl Hazel. He returned to Tanganyika in 1946 working as a mechanic on the agricultural machines at Ngare Nairobi. He worked on Sunray, Kindi and then moved to Sikarri Estate at Sanya Juu. Malham stayed at Sanya Juu until the mid sixties when he immigrated with his family to the Western Cape RSA.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Margaret Thompson
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Ray R. Ulyate

I think I read somewhere in the notes on Ray R. Ulyate, my Grandfather, that the Name of Kenyon was not known. This was the Name of my Uncle "Ken" who had a farm on the slope of Kilimanjaro, just West of Sanya Juu. Ken had been one of Ray's right hand men on his safaris, but after the war went farming. He bred Frisian cattle.

Most interested in this site as I was looking for information for my own purposes

Margaret Thompson

Eldest daughter of Thora Barratt (nee Ulyate)

and Oswald H. Barratt.

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