Ted Ulyate

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Bob Walker
Page Number: 504n
Extract Date: 1930-1950's

Ulyate family members that attended Arusha School

Malham Ulyate, Early 1930.s 1935 Awarded "Victor Ladorum" for sporting achievements, Name still on the sports plaque in the dinning hall

Edward Ulyate,(Ted) Early 1930,s 1935 Awarded "Victor Ladorum" for sporting achievements. Name still on the sports plaque in the dinning hall.

Robert Walker (Christopher) 1944-49.

Nigel Borissow 1950,s

Jocelyn Borissow 1950,s

Marjorie Borissow 1950,s

Michael Borissow 1950,s

Donald Ulyate 1950,s

June Ulyate 1950,s

Brenda Ulyate 1950,s

Mrs. Kay Ulyate (Matron) 1950,s

Robin Ulyate 1950,s

Phyllis Ulyate 1950,s

Sally Ulyate 1950,s

Valarie Ulyate 1950,s

Brian Ulyate 1950,s

David Ulyate 1950,s

(Not a complete list)

Elizabeth Van Staden (Ulyate) Lolly wrote saying "I would like to be named as another ULYATE who attended Arusha School 1963 - 1968."

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Marjorie Borissow
Page Number: 117
Extract Date: 1940's

The Ulyate Clan, Ted & Kays Wedding, 1940's

Left to Right. Jack, Vivian, (My mother) Ray, (Grand Pa) Kay, Ted, Marjorie, (Granny Ann) Kenyon, Thora and Malham.

Only Ted and Kay are still alive today. Very frail and living in South Africa. Ted and Malham are the 2 whose names appear on the boards in the Arusha School dining room. Sadly most of that generation are no longer with us (March 2005). Kay used to be the school matron

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Bob Walker
Page Number: 504m

Ulyate family movements: Ted

Ray�s youngest son Ted left Arusha in 1939 for the UK. He joined the army and was transferred to the Burma front. Returning to East Africa in 1946 he worked on various farms and in the cattle industry, including Vickers Estate. He married Kay in 1947 having met her in India during the war. During the fifties Ted acquired a farm at Ismangore. He was to farm commercial Beans, Tomatoes, Tulips and Pyrethrum. He also had a small beef herd. Ted with his family immigrate to Natal after independence

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Arusha Times
Extract Author: June Thomas
Page Number: 439
Extract Date: 30 Sep 2006

I have first hand account of history of New Arusha Hotel

Dear Sirs,

I have just come across your articles written last year (24 Sept 2005) regarding a Dana Bloom from Canada - and the debate regarding the New Arusha Hotel.

My father - Ted Ulyate (now age 89) - son of Raymond Ulyate is very much alive - and if people are really interested in the history of the New Arusha Hotel Dad can give first hand account of events and clear up any problem areas.

By the way - as a child I knew Polly Bloom really well - and he and his family were friends of my parents - I also remember the name of Judah Bloom - both Mum and Dad still speak of the family.

My mother was the sister of the Arusha School (Kay Ulyate) and my father (Ted Ulyate) had a farm out at Essimingor and I am assumed that the luncheon parties mentioned in Marsh, R.J. and E.P Safari Diaries 1953-7 was in fact lunches as my parents farm.

If anyone would like to contact my parents please let me know and I would gladly put you in contact.

Kind regards

June Thomas (nee Ulyate)

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Ulyate Family Personal Communications
Extract Author: Margaret Thompson
Page Number: 401
Extract Date: 2007 02 18

Margaret Thompson nee Barratt Oldest of Thora's Children

I was interested to read Marjories recollections, I haven't been able to access this site for some time due to isp probs'

Ted's Name was Winton not William

The Hotel was built an owned by Painters who sold it on to Grandfather.

Ray was the First White Hunter to put down his gun and run hunting with Camera Safaris in East Africa. He would pick up his clients from Dar es Salaam, drive up through the Serengetti and back through Arusha finally to Mombasa where they would go aboard their ship for travel to Europe. Mostly the British India Line, sometimes the Union Castle Lines, but all before air travel.

He took Roosevelt on at least one safari

His movies won awards at the Edinburgh Festival just before the second world war broke out, the film was allegedly lost at sea although some shots were later recognised as being from that film.

Ray was also a brilliant experimental cook, he loved to try out pickles etc.

He had a wonderful imagination and I own the Mural that he had painted by Lone Oak (a tramp who walked from Cape to Cairo and Cairo to the Cape - he would be worth investigating as he was a brilliant Painter and left a legacy of beautiful murals on many homes in the Ol Donyo Sambu area)

The Mural I own depicts the Northern Province of Tanganyika as seen from 20,ooo feet up, drawn & painted just after ww1, it is remarkably accurate and shows what a detailed knowledge grandpa had of the district.

I am the oldest of Thora & Oswald Barrat's Children.

Bryn Jones was the Minister for the Church of England in Arusha, used to wear football shorts and boots under his cassock at church

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