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1985 Publishes: Hoyle, B.S. Foundation of East African Geography: The Life and Work of Clement Gillman, 1882-1946

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1987 Publishes: Hoyle, B. S. Gillman of Tanganyika, 1882-1946 : The Life and Work of a Pioneer Geographer

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1987 Publishes: Hoyle, B.S. Gillman of Tanganyika, 1881-1946: The Life & Work of a Pioneer Geographer

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Extract Author: Brian Hoyle
Page Number: 2008 07 12

Clement Gillman

I came across your various entries re Clement Gillman by accident and thought I'd contribute. I am the author of a 400-page biography entitled 'Gillman of Tanganyika, 1882-1946: the life and work of a pioneer geographer', published in 1987 by Gower.

Some of your correspondents seem to know about this book (now out of print, but available in libraries). The book deals among much else with the naming of Gillman's Point. Gillman reached this point on the crater rim on 19 October 1921 and, although he did not continue to the summit,the climb was regarded as the first successful attempt on the mountain after it came within British territory in 1919.

Gillman later objected to the naming of the point, but actually rather liked it. It is, of course, Gillman's Point, with two lls. For further details see my book, pp 165-67, which includes a photograph of Gillman standing at the Point.

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