Shreela Debi

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Extract Author: Shreela Debi
Page Number: 2004 02 27
Extract Date: 1971-72

Shreela Debi - Arusha School 1971-72

Dear Mr. Nettelbeck,

I was a student of Arusha School in 1971-72 , years that are precious. I wish I could create a similar environment for my daughter.

I leaned that you were in India for some time. I live in Delhi now after many years in England. I loved East Africa.

I have been trying to get in touch with others who were in the school at the time, with not much success. Age makes for much nostalgia.

Christmas at the school was beautiful. I was in the choir and it was magic to walk in with lighted candles.

You were so much an essential presence.

'Hope you and your family are well. I have fond memories of them too.

Warm Regards


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