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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Alan McFarland
Page Number: 2005 02 14
Extract Date: 1935 - 1943

Alan McFarland - Arusha School 1935 - 43

I went to Arusha from 1935 to 1943. Mrs Goode was the Matron and I remember her very well. I was only 5 years old. I can still taste the tablespoon of liquid quinine received from her every night - and feel the red hairbrush that delivered some well deserved whacks! We loved her dearly.

I have a few photographs of pupils from that era. I would like to see the photographs that Helen Goode has of her maternal grandmother.

Alan McFarland.

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McFarland, Alan Photos of Arusha School
Page Number: 01
Extract Date: 1936

The School Staff

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Helen Grazier (nee Goode)
Page Number: 2004 06 11
Extract Date: 1950's

Helen Goode - Arusha School - 1950's

I�ve just come across your site with so much interesting information on Arusha School. I was a former pupil there in the mid 1950's, but my paternal Grandmother Gertrude Goode was matron at the school for 8 years in the 1930/40's. I have a few photos of that era if you are interested.

My Grandfather Robert (Bob) Goode was an architect/builder who is responsible for a number of churches & buildings including the Arusha clock tower.

Congratulations on producing such a wonderful site which holds so many memories for so many people.


Helen Grazier (nee Goode)


Forgive me, I failed to reply to your email when it arrived - I was in fact away, visiting Arusha - and I must have missed it completely. Now I�m trying to catch up on my nTZ web site stuff, before another trip back to Arusha.

I�m most interested in your information about your Grandfather who designed the Clock Tower. I�ve been trying for ages to find out when it was built, and why, and who paid for it, and, of course who designed it.

SO far I gather it was just after WW2, and donated by a "Greek".

Do you have any more information you could share with me, and the web site about the Clock Tower specifically, but also would be fascinated to hear more about other buildings your Grandfather designed.

What were your parents doing, that you were at Arusha School in the 50's - and where are you now?

I also was at the school at the same time 53-57 (my father was rector at Christ Church), but I�m sorry that I don�t remember your name - I�m not sure that I could remember many names.

I have two Arusha School Magazines Feb 56, and March 57, and I see no mention of any Goodes - the names listed are either magazine contributors or prize winners of various types. I did see an poem in memory of "Cloudy" - Sister Gertrude Cloudsdale, Senior Matron 1945-49. Maybe all matrons were called Gertrude!

Thanks for your email, and again forgive me for taking too long to reply

It was a pleasant surprise to hear from you, as I must admit I thought maybe my email had gone into a "black hole". Unfortunately, I haven't too many details about my Grandfather and there's no-one alive for me to call on for help. What I do have are a magazine article in 1960 written about my grandparents on their golden wedding anniversary, and the script of a speech my grandmother gave in 1969.

In the magazine (Looking Glass) it describes their life when they moved to Moshi in 1929 from Eldoret & prior to 1923 they were in India. Gertrude Goode became the town baker in Moshi, and

"in these pre-war years Mr Goode, as architect or builder and contractor was responsible for such well-known buildings as the Dodoma Cathedral, the Arusha Church and the old Coffee Tree Inn (which became the New Ridgeway Hotel)."

"When the Arusha School first opened in 1937, Mrs Goode was asked to give a hand for two or three days. Those few days lasted 8 years, where as matron of the school she was responsible for the well-being of the children."

The photos I have are of the staff, dining room and pupils and are dated 1939.

In my grandmother's speech she says:

"My husband, a military Engineer was filling in a great want, designing, building etc. The Australian Church Missionary Society had their headquarters in Dodoma about 2 days by train away. The Bishop asked my husband to design a cathedral in 6 days! To cut a long story short, he did it, staying up late at night. I washed the blue prints in the bathroom outside and finished the morning the train was leaving, and helped to carry the copy out full to dry! Dodoma cathedral is beautiful, a smaller copy was built in Arusha."

"My husband built the first Church of Scotland Church in Moshi, which was part of the Minister's house, as Moshi was so poor that the Minister had to give up his dining and drawing room to serve as a church. The furniture was made by young Africans taught by my husband. A new church and vicarage was built some 11 or more years later, and the first one now serves as a hall for visiting missionaries."

It seems that my grandfather did most of his work during the 1930's (he was born in 1881), so I think it would have been around the same time that he did the Arusha Clock Tower. I know he also designed and built the Chapel of St John the Divine in Moshi as my parents were married there in 1945.

My father David Goode was 18 yrs old when the family moved from India. He had a variety of jobs including a Beacon Inspector in the Lupa Goldfields, but after WW2 he joined the Agricultural Department where he remained until we left for England in 1960 (my mother came from UK). Both my brother Michael and I were born in Bukoba, but the family moved every 3 years or so due to my father's job. Michael and I went to Mbeya, Arusha and St Michael's & St George's in Iringa.

I emigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1970 and my parents (who have both since died) followed me in 1983. My brother remains in UK.

My memory for names is atrocious, and trying to remember those from so many years ago is almost impossible for me. The only claim to fame I have from Arusha is that I won a scholarship to attend Iringa and I was considered a promising violinist!!

I'm sorry I can't be more specific about the Clock Tower. I visited Arusha while on a camping holiday in 1989 and was thrilled to see that it still holds pride of place in the town.



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