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Extract Author: Zuzett Daly
Page Number: 2004 04 17
Extract Date: 17 April 2004

About the wakamba

Hello I would like to know what does the word Wakamba means,where can I find some pictures about it or any thing that you can tell me about the Wakamba peoples.I hope you can help me with this.Thank you!!

Thanks for your email and your question. Unfortunately I�m not going to be much help.

The Wakamba are a tribe from Kenya - just outside the scope of my website which focuses on Northern Tanzania.

However, a search on Google finds this article which will give you a little more information:

If you search for Wakamaba and Kenya, or Wakamba and Tanzania, you will eliminated a lot of the unhelpful links.

Thank you so much for your help,I'm really happy that finally I find some information.I also visit your site and I think is great,congratulation!! I would like to apologize about my English I know is not so good I'm just learning.Thanks once more

Zuzett Daly

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