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Extract Author: Edward G. David - ['Ted']
Page Number: 2008 09 17
Extract Date: 1949-51

Edward David - 1949-1951 - travelled to [Arusha] school from Kigoma and later from Dar-es-Salaam

Oliver Cordell recently 'enlightened' me regarding the Arusha School website�.. Very interesting - but regretably very few alumni reporting !!!

The website instructions are not very clear - maybe I am missing something - so please confirm that this is the way to send you my school 'information' for the website??

I attended Arusha School from 1949 to 1951 - and have very happy memories. Then I attended Prince of Wales and subsequently went to London to complete my studies.

Previously, my brother Werner and sister Annalise also attended the school.

I recall that beautiful Suzanne Franzel joined the train from Kigoma at Uvinza on our way to Dodoma - and the long, arduous and dusty 275 mile trip by Tanganyika Railways bus that climbed the very steep and dangerous escarpment at around Kondoa Irangi [memory!!!] en route to Arusha�..!!!!

I vividly recall the following names:

- The Ibsens from Tabora - one son is now a Bishop in Denmark

- John and David Dare - parents with the Salvation Army in Tabora,

- Royce Buckle

- Susan Wynn-Jones - now in Canberra, Australia. Susan & I won the 'Rasha-Rasha shield' in 1951.

- Diana Milner

- Michael & Pat Finnegan - Morogoro

- Michael Zibarras & his sister

- Johannes Pretorious

- Albert _______

- Elizabeth & Anne Palfrey

WOW! Now over 55 years ago - where did time fly??? Thank God every day for continuing good health!!

Would love to hear from OLDE rafikis - please contact me as noted below.

Regards - Mungu Utabariki!!

Ted David

45 Sutton Place South

New York, NY 10022

Tel: (646) 734-5780

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Extract Author: Elizabeth Palfrey
Page Number: 2004 06 21
Extract Date: 1950's

Elizabeth Palfrey - Arusha School 1950's?

I'm so excited!

I was doing some research on Arusha because I went to school there and lived at Olmolog when I came across your sight. Time was suddenly peeled away and the memories flooded back.

My father, Arthur Palfrey, farmed at Olmolog and Piet Hugo was our next door neighbour. He is buried in the Christian cemetery in Arusha. I left East Africa in 1960 to emigrate to the U.S.

My brother in law was Roy Holmes who married my sister, Anne Palfrey. Roy Holmes passed away in Newcastle, Kwa-Zulu-Natal in January 2003. He worked in Arusha on the film 'Hatari'.

Currently, I live in Texas but my family all live in South Africa. My maiden name was Elizabeth Palfrey.

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Extract Author: Elizabeth Russell nee Palfrey
Page Number: 2007 08 15

about: Lise Larsen and Ane.

I was thrilled to read the pieces from Lise Larsen.

Her sister Ane was a very dear friend of mine and Ane and her husband were at my wedding in Nairobi in March 1960. I would really love to make contact with Ane again and catch up on 47 years!

I have been all over the world since then and currently live in Sugar Land, Texas.

My parents were farmers at Olmolog, West Kilimanjaro. Dad (Arthur Palfrey)was killed in a plane crash in 1970 in the Monduli mountains.

My mother (Gladys Amelia Palfrey) went to South Africa with my brother and sisters where they still reside.

Reading all the news from old friends and school chums is fascinating. Keep it up!

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Extract Author: Elizabeth Palfrey Russell
Page Number: 2008 07 30

Stuart Webb, Joan Webb

I was interested to read that Stuart Webb had visited Olmolog and his family's old farm.

My family lived up at Olmolog as well in the 50's and 60's and early 70's. I went to Arusha School at the same time as Stuart and my mother Gladys Palfrey, who lives in South Africa, was friendly with Mrs. Joan Webb.

I left Tanzania in 1960 and lived in the U.S. and Canada before moving to the Middle East and Australia. I live in Texas now but all my surviving family currently live in South Africa. My mother, Gladys Palfrey is in her mid nineties and still going strong.

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