Sydney Waller

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Extract Author: Linda Costa
Page Number: 2004 03 14
Extract Date: 1920's

researching Sydney Waller

I am researching an early White Hunter in Kenya - his name was Sydney Waller and he was hunting in the late 1920's.

I can find no mention of him in this book, could you direct me to the author please?

Many thanks, Linda Costa

Like you, I have a copy of the book, but no special contact with the Brian Herne.

I suggest you start by contacting the publishers of the book.

Sorry that I cannot be of more help.

David, sorry I troubled you, I was not really quite sure who I was sending the message to! I don�t have a copy of the book, I found it by surfing the net. Don�t suppose you could check the index for me? Just to see if there is any mention of A Sydney Waller, who was hunting around 1928 in Kenya. He lived in Nairobi.

Linda - no problem. Presume you are in Australia?

Three mentions, p132, 167n, 175 +n

P132 Waller ("a first class pioneer hunter") was back up to Alan Black, who was selected by Finch-Hatton to look after the Duke of Gloucester on a Royal Safari in 1928.

P167 describes the creation of EAPHA (East African Professional Hunter's Association) at a meeting in the Norfolk Hotel on April 12 1934. Footnote lists those present, including Waller.

P175 Describes a company called Safariland, which arose from the ashes of its predecessor Newland and Tarlton, which had been dissolved in 1919. Waller is amongst those "inherited" by Safariland.

Footnote lists hunters employed between 1921 and 1938, including Waller.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you want to scan in fuller extracts.

Dear David, thank you very much indeed for the information you provided. Yes, I live in Australia, but only for the last two years. We used to live in Zimbabwe. I breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and have been quite involved with the breed for many years now. We brought some of our dogs with us when we came here.

I am writing a book on some of the early breeders and owners of Ridgebacks. The first Ridgebacks to go to Kenya were a pack of six who went to Waller - he bought them from Bulawayo breeders in the then Southern Rhodesia. I suspect they would have faded into obscurity, except for the fact that one of his English clients, Mrs Edmond Foljambe, bought two from him and sent them to England - the first to go there. She showed them at Cruft's dog show, and bred them for a number of years. Her nephew has been most helpful in supplying me with information about the dogs.

I hadn't been able to find any other information about Waller - I do know he went to UK, as there is a letter in the Club files from his wife, written from England, mentioning that she wants to start a Club for Ridgebacks.

I was surfing the net seeing if I could track him down, just to see if he did really exist! With your help, this is now established. Thank you very much for your assistance, I will include the notes in my profile on Waller, but I dont need anything further - but it was very kind of you to offer to do that.

Do you live in Africa?

With very kind regards,

Linda Costa

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Extract Author: John Truscott
Page Number: 2008 08 20
Extract Date: 1920's

Sydney Waller (old white hunter of 1920's Kenya), for Linda Costa

He was my grandfather. I have a few biographical details plus photos (maybe of his Ridgebacks!) and would welcome some info myself.

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Extract Author: Tom Lawrence
Page Number: 2005 04 03
Extract Date: 1940's

Feedback on Sydney Waller

Not too sure how one can give information back on queries raised by Linda Costa

My father was a professional hunter in his latter years, but knew Sydney Waller well in Voi (Kenya) when he was one of the early Game Wardens in Tsavo National Park. At that time Sydney was living out his last years as an old man. He was nicknamed "The Ground Hornbill" as he would walk along in a similar pose, muttering under his breath, which sounded remarkably like the birds when they wander through the bush calling to each other. He was also part of those who used to frequent the Voi Hotel as their local watering hole. He died in the early 1950s (I have the exact date at home) from malaria. As far as I know he was bachelor by then.

Bob Foster, another famous hunter was also in the area at the time, and between them they would take Sydney's annual elephant licence and shoot the elephant for him. He would the supervise the extraction of the tusks which would in turn be sold and keep Sydney in money for the next year or so.

Can give you more information about him but more from a hunting perspective, although as far as I can remember, I know nothing about him being linked with Rhodesian Ridgebacks, but would assume he would have used them for.

Hope this is of some help, and please let me know if you want more info.

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