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Extract Author: Anoop Nathwani
Page Number: 2004 12 20
Extract Date: 20 Dec 2004

The kobe (tortoise)


i have already written a few words dates in february 2004

i was in Arusha School btn the years 1984-1989 and now that i m residing in the uk...i mis those lovely days and that lovely town too that i m always and will always be associated with

pls do find the attached photo of the kobe that one of my cousin who stays in arusha took it for me

when ever i get the chance to go to east africa i make a point to go ans visit the school

how it has changed those lovely old tress been cut down...but still it brings the good old times i had

if ther is anyone during those times pls do pass them my email.

thanking you in advance


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Extract Author: Anoop nathwani
Page Number: 2004 02 13
Extract Date: 13 Feb 2004

A lot of memories - Anoop Nathwani

Hello sir/madam

To whom it may concern

Wow!!!...what can I say about the site not that I know a lot about web sites and stuff

But it was really nice going through the site especially on the arusha school -wow - what can i say

It did bring a lot of memories to me and few tears too

Please do keep up the good job -

Yes I will go through the site more in depth but for time being I think I could not wait to write to you

So there you are

Anoop Nathwani

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