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Extract Author: Ronald Lwakatare
Page Number: 2004 01 27

Ronald Lwakatare - Arusha School -1977-1979


I saw this web site while surfing in the internet. My name is Ronald Lwakatare living in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. I wish to inform you that Arusha School is still there and there is a group of students-many of them who studied in the 1970's up to now- who want to form an alumni association for former students of Arusha School. Former students interested are located in various parts of the World - in Africa, Europe and the USA.

So we are holding our first meeting whose main agenda is to form an Alumni Association. The meeting is taking place in Dar es Salaam on Saturday 31st January 2004 at 4 p.m. We would very much be interested to be linked with former Arusha School students.


Ronald Lwakatare (Studied at Arusha School 1977-1979)

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Extract Author: Ronald Lwakatare
Page Number: 2008 04 24
Extract Date: 24-Apr-2008

Miss Ngowi is retiring

Miss Ngowi, currently the longest serving teacher, is retiring as a teacher this year 2008.

I recently (February 2008) visited the school and had talks with Ms. Ngowi, the Headmaster Mr. Kaniki and Music Teacher Mr. Liheta at different times.

We have in principle agreed to have a music show in Dar towards the end of this year in honour of Ms. Ngowi.

I think the success of the event will depend on willingness of fellow alumni to participate in the preparations.

We need to find a venue, accomodation for the students (most will be at their parents homes) etc. For those interested please let us be in touch. My mobile is 0754268568.

The school is currently undergoing major rehabilitation. I saw the kitchen, swimming pool, laundry place being rehabilitated. The bathrooms now have solar power heaters for hotwater. I am informed that rehabilitation is going on and will also cover the assembly hall etc.

If you get time while in Arusha try to pass by and see the school.

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