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Extract Author: Kirti Jani
Page Number: 2005 02 04
Extract Date: 1966 - 1970

Kirti Jani - Arusha School 1966 - 1970

To whom it may concern,

Please help me find Richard and Peter Hatter from Arusha School during the years 1966-1970 if you have any means of accessing their addresses, phone numbers, or e-mail.

I was reading Richard's letter and acknowledge his memories which are similar to mine from about the same years in school. I left Arusha school in December of 1970. If I remember right, I was at Arusha from either 1966 or 1967.

My name is Kirti Jani and was at Arusha during the Jones/Nettlebeck era. I remember quite a few things at the school that I was a participant of. I was in Horseback Riding School,Swimming Classes with ALL THE PLATES COLLECTED FROM THE UNDERWATER SWIM TEST, Soccer, Field Hockey, Rugby, High Jump, Long Jump, Dorm Leader, one of the THREE KINGS IN THE NATIVITY PLAY, The Principal's Best of Three spanks in his office ( I REMEMBER I HAD MASTERED THE SPANKING AND WAS ALWAYS READY TO BE RE-DISCIPLINED), The rider of the football field tortoise, to mention a few of the things I cherrished.

Some of the students I remember are:

Danuta Sheliga, Colleen Hoffman, Ian and Alan Alister (I think the spelling might be incorrect) from Van Couver, Canada; Said Ali, Mohammed Ali, I think it was Ian Fernandes, Lorenzo Trevizani from Italy; Possibly Kirit Patel. I don't recall Richard Hatter, but he may recall me since he was a horseback rider and knew Danuta, the girl with the braces on her teeth.

The Teachers I remember are Mr. Stones for sure, but I forgot the Riding school teacher.

Sorry I can't remember all the folks at Arusha Primary School, but every little bit helps.

My younger brother Bharat Jani was also attending Arusha if anybody can remember him.

Anyway, I am now in USA and am hopeful and thankful to this wonderful highway to bringing back the past and am excited to hear from those who remember me or re-collect the times during the years 1966-1970.

Love Always! Kirti

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Extract Author: Kirit Patel
Page Number: 2003 11 11
Extract Date: 1969 -1975

Kirit Patel - Arusha School -1969 -1975


a school i shall always hold dear ro my heart

where i grew up

where i found my self

i was a student at arusha school from 1969 -1975 (Kirit Patel )

i am now in the Hotel Buisness in the united States

i can remeber the the fun times and not the so much fun times i spent at the school or at the head masters office being whacked by

Mr jones size 6 / 7 shoes

Mr Nettlebacks wood cane

and of course he ruined the school Mr Mlay a bad chapter in the history of the school

Mrs.kikiidis vegiterian food . me and my brother were the first boarding students who were pure vegiterians , we had eggs for breakfast , eggs for lunch , eggs for supper

she was the greatest

how can i forget mrs. macha, miss anthony mr morris and the school nurse

i can go on and on on

if there is any one form my era at the school i would like to get in touch with them

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Extract Author: Dipak Patel
Page Number: 2004 01 06
Extract Date: 1969-1974

Dipak Patel - Arusha School 1969-1974

My brother and I were students at Arusha School from 1969 to 1974. My brother (Kirit Patel) was six and I was eight years of age when our parents boarded us on to the East African Bus service chartered by the School in Iringa. From then on the next seven years were an adventure. Our home was in Tukuyu and the trip to School was a three day trip. Every three months we would go home for a month and then back again. Coming across your web sight took me back to the most interesting part of my life. I thank you for the information and look forward to hearing from more of my fellow students. My brother and I reside in the USA now. Thanks you

Dipak Patel

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Extract Author: Sam Ismail
Page Number: 2008 06 05
Extract Date: 1970 to 1975

Sam Ismail - Arusha School - 1970 to 1975

Arusha School - The best!!!

Thanks on a most amazing web site. I was at Arusha School from 1970 to 1975 and saw many many names of people I fondly remember. In fact all my brotheres and sisters were there too - Francis, Lucy, Flora and David.

Can you please let me know how I can get in touch with people who were at Arusha School? In particular I would like to get in touch with Kirit Patel, Dipak Patel, and Rashna Hackett (Jiwany)

Once again congratulations on an excellent web site.

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Extract Author: Kirit Patel
Page Number: 2007 04 25
Extract Date: 1974

it is always a pleasure to read the new articles that are posted for our school. I saw the pictures of the swimming pool and it brought tears to my eyes to see it in th state it is in , I can remember having a many weekday afternnoons and many a week ends n the pool , I can rember the grand swimming galas we had there. I was the swim team captian for south house in 1974, we won the gala in all the events.

I wonder if there is anything we can do as an alumni to put it back together I know there are a lot of us who still cherish the moments we spent in arusha and the school. Just a thought ,

I would also like to get in touch with the following friends of mine if they still remember me

alakrim abdullah canada


allen moore texas

and all the other s from my time if they see me please pass them muy email address.

keep up the good work

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Extract Author: Kaidi Jones (Bowden)
Page Number: 2008 07 28
Extract Date: 1974-76

Arusha Primary School 1974-76

I love the messages from former students of Arusha Primary School! I know several of them and even have some pictures!

I was a teacher there for 2 years 1974 - 1976. My name is Kaidi Jones, at the time my last name was Bowden. I now live in Los Angeles with my husband and 2 sons.

I am probably one of the only African Americans to ever teach there(?) I remember Kirit Patel and have a picture of him on the large tortoise.

I remember Rashna and taught her how to do the New York hustle. I even sponsored one the the students, Abdul Adam to the United States. I also remember many of my collegues (including Headmaster Mlay) although the students stand out most in my mind.

I loved that school and all of the students. If any of the students would like to contact me, please pass along my email address. I would love to hear directly from someone.

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Extract Author: Al-Karim Walji
Page Number: 2008 05 30
Extract Date: 1980 to 1983

Al-Karim Walji - Arusha School - 1980 to 1983

Hello to all Alumni of Arusha School

Hello Everyone,

First I have to thank David for dedicating his time in putting this website together. Thank-You!

My name is Al-Karim Walji (Alka) and I was at Arusha School from 1980 to 1983. Stumbling on this website brings back a lot of good memories. The old good days!

I made a lot of close friends but unfortunately have not kept in touch with most of them. It has been a very long time yet the memories are so clear that it seems just yesterday. It would be really nice to hear from fellow classmates. If you remember me please feel free to e-mail me [via ntz webmaster]

Below are some of the Teachers and classmates that come to mind. I am sure I can think of more. Please forgive me for the spelling errors.

Bachu Mcgee

Harvinder Bhogal

John Herriel

Omani Hunt (great artist)

Kamal (great artist too)

Simona Makwaiya

Eric Bilal

Eunice Bilal

Patricia Shango

Agatha Msetchu

Kalpna Patel & her brother

Sajeda Hassanali

Gurwinder Singh (Guru)

Salma Chagani


Jaswinder Singh

Rola Carnero

Sanjay & Ajay Brothers

Edwin Mpanyu

David Ezekeil (juju man)


Komal Mandalia

Mohamed Shoeb

Murtaza Hassanali

Naushad Nanabhai

Amani Namfua

Andrew Gumbo

Peter Redding



Rashida Patwa

Mohammed Jariwalla


Mr. Y. Dalal (son Mashud)

Mr. N.Dalal

Mrs. Ngowi

Mr. Shaibu

Mr. Kaale

Mrs. Walala

Mr. King

Mrs. Buckaldee

Mrs. Musana (May her soul rest in peace)

Wow! I am sure I am forgetting so many more names.

I currently leave in Vancouver, Canada. I am planning to visit Arusha next month.


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