Arusha: St. Constantines

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Extract Author: George Kechris
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Galanos clock tower of Arusha

Yes , the clock tower was built by Galanos , a greek millioner who came in tanganyika at early years of the 20th century . He was from a mountainous greek village and came here as a poor young boy . He also built the Saint Constantine School for greek pupils . In this school found hospitality hundreds of greek children in the 50s and 60s , between them and I.

SOURCE: Book 'greek of diaspora - tanganyika ' of Tsontos ,a Cypriot author resident of Tanganyika - published in 1953.

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Julie Sundin


I took a look at this page

...and found Julie Sundin's comment. Amazing, one of the few girls i remember by name from that time (i was secretly in love with You!). I remeber Your brother Graham even better, and i recall You were from Newcastle (or Glasgow)?? I am pretty sure it was Newcastle..

Great times at St Constatine's where i remember Hitesh V Patel to be my best friend there. I have, so far, never returned to Arusha, but one day i will. I work now i Stockholm, Sweden. And got my older brother here as well,

i had Mr Ramsey, Miss Hewsick, Mr De Muro (what an idiot - however he was right that i would never be able to learn French).

I recall that my brother had Mr Gregory, and if memory serves me right, so did Julie ;-)

Somewhere in the attic of my parents house, there is bound to be a memory of St Constantines, a bunch of "stars" that i got representing myself and "Athens".

Best wishes to you all who went there!!


Thanks for the email. I've put Julie's address in the bcc of this reply, and maybe she will get in touch with you!

And thanks for your recollections from Arusha - what dates were these?

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Extract Author: Julie Sundin
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Extract Date: 1974

St. Constantines International School

I went to St. Constantines International School in Arusha from 1974 to around 1977/1978 and I remember competing against Arusha International School in swimming carnivals. I was amazed to see a photo (on the school website) of the Tortoise - still going strong after all these years.

I was friends with Maxine and Sam (Samantha) Heywood-Shot (Shott?) and would love to catch up with them again. Would love to hear from anyone who knows them or their whereabouts.

What a great life Arusha gave us - yes the schools were strict, the teachers harsh, the school food often horrid (we got Mrs Cruickshank after she left your school - she was at St Michael's school in Soni before that (my brother had her) - but the memories form some of the best in my life.

Look forward to hearing from anyone. Cheers

Julie Sundin

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Extract Author: Lollo
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St Constantines School Arusha 1974-1983

Hi My name is Lollo. I went to SCS btn 1974-1983"I remember thi big tree in the middle of the playfield and the beautiful swimming pool. I also remember miss crunck"Whatever but I used to think she was scary. There was 1 dorm for girls the small girls slept downstairs and the big girls upstairs.. Wow what an experience. There were two boys dorm the small boys and big boys dorm and each building had classes downstairs" I wnet to class 1B that was miss Blandford�I miss those days it was fun..and ofcourse MR STRAVROPOULOS I will never forget him. Hahaha he used to say ' I repeat if anyone ".. I repeat".

WE had two streams the English Stream and the greek stream and we had four teams Olimpio(yellow), Sparta(Green), Delphi(Red) and Athens (blue)"

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