Fiona Musana

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Extract Author: Fiona Musana-Hannig
Page Number: 2003 12 11
Extract Date: 1976-1984

Fiona Musana-Hannig - Arusha School - 1976-1984

Greetings from Indonesia!

I am so happy to find such a resourceful and interesting website on a school I hold so close to my heart. I was there from 1976 to 1983 and I will never forget this school. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful update..

I now live in Jakarta, Indonesia and have memories of Arusha School that will be forever etched in my mind. I will be visiting Tanzania this year, top on my list is Arusha School. I look forward to seeing the tortoise.

Is there an Alumni in existence?

Thank you!

Fiona Musana-Hannig

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Page Number: 2007 08 21
Extract Date: 1979 - 1984

Priya and Rakhi Behal, Arusha School 1979 - 1984

We attended Arusha School from 1979 - 1984. We would like to get in touch with anyone who would be interested in walking down memory lane and sharing fond memories with us.

I, Priya Behal, studied with Fiona Musana and I am sorry to hear about Mrs.Musana - who was an excellent English teacher. Hope to hear from some one from that period.... What a wonderful idea this alumni is. Please keep it up.

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Extract Author: Anneth-Mwasi Tumbo
Page Number: 2009 03 08
Extract Date: 1997-1999

Anneth-Mwasi Tumbo ~ Arusha school ~ 1997-1999

hello every one!

I fall in the youngest generation of Arusha school graduates than all that I have come across here�.i still hold great love for the place�those were the best years of my life.

Am currently doing my bachelors degree in biomedical sciences at the univesity of Zambia-school of medicine, I will always give thanx to those teachers who laid a great foundation for me they are so many t mention�Mr Mamiro,Mr sawaki,Mr joseph,Mrs moshi,Mr Maganga,Mrs Bigambo,Mrs Ngowi,Mr.Kiduma,r chagula,

I must admit the Alumin thing�is a brilliant far have you guys gone on establishing it,please let me know

how I landed in this web site was on my quest to know whats happening to my lower primary school teachers Fiona am sad to learn about mama Musana's death(MHSRIP)�she taught me in my 2nd and 3rd grade at 'The Play group day care center back in the days before I shifted to Arusha School.' I would really want to know wots happening to the play group day care centre if yu have any info do stay blessed all of you!

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Arusha Times
Extract Author: Fiona Musana
Page Number: 225
Extract Date: June 22, 2002

Fiona Musana - Arusha School 1977-1983

Dear Editor,

Arusha school made our childhood worth it

Having been away from Arusha for sometime, I do often think of the school I attended in the 70's! Arusha school - as I wrote in an article in your paper two years ago - will always remain a special place in my heart.

I recall the Mrs. Walala's, Mr. N. Dalal, Mr. Y. Dalal, Mr. Lyimo, Miss Masinde, Miss Heddles, Miss Smith, Mr. Mkombo, Miss. Ngowi, Mrs. Omari, Mr. Kaale, Miss. Kimathi, Mrs. Ngaliyanguo, my late mother, Mrs. Musana...the list is endless. I must admit that each and everyone of the teachers in Arusha School (as we knew it then) made our lives what they are today.

I would like to propose that an alumni be helps to maintain touch with the past because it really helps the future. How about if we start thinking about that? How about Arusha School authorities, do you have any objection to this?

Once again, I would like to say thanks to the teachers and support staff who were in Arusha School in the 70's and 80' made our childhood worth it!

Thank you!

Fiona Musana ( Arusha School, 1977 - 1983)

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Extract Author: Joyce Walala
Page Number: 2007 08 22
Extract Date: 2005

Those were the Days

I like browsing over the net. I am so Impressed with Fiona Musana keeping update with the school. I become so sentimental whenever I think of thse days, real arusha school. I last visited in 2005 and yes Mr tortoise is still there.

But it is sad to see that all the space that used to be swings and beutiful playgrounds ..all gone. Latest news Mrs Walala is retiring sept 14, 2007 on her 60th birthday. wish her all the best Mwalimu.

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Extract Author: Fiona Musana
Page Number: 2007 05 23
Extract Date: 2007 May 23

I always get so nostalgic (1977 - 83)

I always get so nostalgic when I visit this website. I was in Arusha a month ago with my two month old daughter. I took her round Arusha school, out of sentimental reasons.

I must admit it felt sad to see the playground in the Junior school in such a dilapidated state. Apart from that alot of the pine trees have been cut.

Lets do something about our old school

On another note, I am still looking for Miss Heddles who was my teacher in standard 1 and 2.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Fiona Musana
Page Number: 2007 11 14

Mrs. Walala's retirement

Hi Joyce , I was not able to follow up on Mrs. Walala's retirement. Please let me know. Any updates on the other teachers? Mrs. Ngaliyanguo? Mr. Kaale? Ms. Masinde? Miss Ngowi?

Greetings from Sri Lanka, where I now live

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