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Extract Author: Jan Ooms
Page Number: 2008 02 14

St Michael's School at Soni

There are a few mentions of St Michael's School at Soni on nTZ. Would you please add the school websites onto yours in case any old boys want to make contact with long-lost rafriki?




I have added a link from my site to yours and I know many of the Soni "boys" visit your site since quite a few of them lived in the north and a few of them are mentioned.


Jan Ooms

Arusha, Mbulu, Dodoma, Tanga, Dar (1958 - 82)

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Jan Ooms
Page Number: 2004 11 14
Extract Date: 1959

Jan Ooms - Arusha School 1959-60

Could you please forward my email to Julie Sundin.

Her brother was at same school as me and we all shared the same experience - Mrs Cruikshank's food.

Thank you

Jan Ooms

p.s. I also attended Arusha school primary about 1959 - 60

p.s. my father was the one (engineer with WD & ID in Mbulu) who was contacted by the Maasai when Michael Grizmeck crashed.

I�ve included Julie as a bcc to this email, and will leave it to her to contact you.

If you find more memories together, please send them on for inclusion on the web site!

And any more information about your father will also be appreciated. How long was he at Mbulu. He must have been traveling up in the Gol mountains at the time of the crash (near Malambo), or else the Maasai came a long way to find him! I�m told that wreckage from the crash can still be found in the Malambo area.

Did you know that there is a Hollywood film being made about the Grizmeck�s at the moment?

Thank you David for email. I browsed through your site and forwarded some items to others who I know lived in Tanganyika/Tanzania. I seem to have become the contact for old boys of St Michael's school, Soni.

You might like to add this info to your website?

Dieter was at the same school and is trying to set up business in Tanzania. He may have provided you with his website? If you are looking for information about the German Colonial period, he knows where to get it.

The story of the plane crash from what my mother remembers. The Masaai came to my father's foreman who buried Michael and then came to tell my father who was in his office at Mbulu. My father then went to the crash site and presumably notified someone about it. Michael's body was reburied elsewhere.

My mother recalls the name Marsh from Arusha. Travelled out on the Warwick Castle in Feb 1958 and worked with WD & ID. Are you of that family?

We lived in Arusha and Mbulu for about 3 years and I spent a fair portion of that time without schooling and the little schooling I had was at Arusha.

I'm going out to Tanzania this January for a holiday -Dar, Arusha, Moshi, Karatu, Babati, Mbulu, Tanga, Pangani, Soni, Lushoto. Our Tanzania connection finished in 1983 when my father retired from there. He died 6 years ago in Scotland.

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